PDA ALERT: A$AP Rocky And Chanel Iman Making Out On The VMA Red Carpet, Albeit Adorably (PHOTO)

A$AP Rocky and Chanel Iman made out on the VMA red carpet!

Oh, just A$AP Rocky and Chanel Iman in a passionate embrace on the VMA red carpet.

INTENSE PDA alert, friends! We were literally SO busy focusing on Miley Cyrusfoam finger and where she put it at this past Sunday's VMAs (for a quick, freak-nasty refresher, watch this 60-second VMA supercut), that we almost missed the night's biggest public display of affection! Well second biggest, ya know, after Miley's foam finger. A$AP Rocky and model Chanel Iman took a break from posing in front of the step-and-repeat to have a PASSIONATE make-out moment. Save room for the holy ghost, children!

Legit, ChA$APel -- wait, that sound like some conglomerate banking merger -- Chanel and A$AP are just carrying on like they're the only ones there, even though, HELLO! Katy Perry, Macklemore, and VMA Video Vanguard Winner Justin Timberlake were totally in the vicinity, too! Oh, to to be young and in love. And famous. And a supermodel. Blurrg.

But, even though we'd definitely give Chanel and A$AP the Moonman for "Best Red Carpet M/O By An IRL Couple," we're still preeeeeetty into this photo of Adam Lambert and Katy Perry platonically loving up on one another, not to mention this pic of Taylor Swift touching Justin Timberlake and his *NSYNC reunion sweat -- or, as we now refer to it, "l'embrace." Ugh, so many celeb couples, and yet I'm still not involved in ANY of them?

Photo credit: Getty Images