Star Spotting: There's So Much Beauty In Katy Perry + Adam Lambert's Photo, We Can Barely Look Directly At It

Katy Perry and Adam Lambert posed after the VMAs.

Katy and Adam should basically do everything together so that we get more of these flawless photos.

Though watching our 60-second VMA supercut video on repeat really does wonders with VMA withdrawal, a worthy alternative cure might be staring at the photo of Adam Lambert and Katy Perry up top, which Adam shared on his Instagram along with the caption, "Me and my grill @katyperry." (Wordplay FTW!)

This picture of Katy and Adam BFF-ing at Sunday's ceremony is just, like, TOO PERFECT! Seriously, our pupils can only handle so much beauty per pixel. Speaking of pixels, we're willing to bet that if you zoomed in on this photo about 14 bazillion times, you'd see that every tiny digital dot is actually a little fleck of glowing glam. What, you don't think that pop stars' pictures are made up of the same plebian pixels we get, do you? GET REAL.

I mean, well, we're trying to focus on it, but the shine from Katy's grill paired with the Artist To Watch presenter's gleaming smize may just make us go blind. We're gonna opt for closing our eyes and imagining what went down.

They probably complimented each other's incredible outfits, arranged brunch plans the next morning so they could rave over Katy's Turnt-Up "Roar" performance. And then, Katy asked Adam to do a PRISM collabo because, guys, GlammyKats need to be the next stan movement, amirite?? (Show those Glam-birds what's what.)

Watch Katy Perry's VMA performance after the jump.


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Photo Credit: @realadamlambert