While Everyone Was Busy Schmoozing At The VMAs, Iggy Azealea Was Eating Cake + Photobombing Harry Styles While Eating Chicken Wings

Iggy Azalea spent the VMAs eating cake and chicken wings like a BOSS.

Iggy Azalea eating cake in the VMA audience is, like, the physicalized embodiment of our new life mantra.

Although we'd love to fancy ourselves VMA-ready, we're not sure we could handle it. Looking super haute and poised in front of all those painfully attractive stars, not spilling glasses of wine down our couture ensembles -- IMPOSSIBLE. That's why we're ob-sessed with this photo of Iggy Azalea going to "Work" on a slice of red velvet cake like she's us at a birthday party... or riding the subway... or at a funeral -- OK, we bring cake everywhere, but that's not the point! Stop derailing.

The Artist To Watch nominee's duh-leesh-uss "me time" was captured by Adam Lambert, who Instagrammed the priceless pic and captioned, "Red velvet diva @iggyazalea I had to snap a shot..." LOVE IT.

We're gonna use that "foodie diva" moniker the next time someone tries to shame us about our #NotCute food choices. Lorna Doones and tub of cake frosting diva! Un-microwaved Hot Pocket because we're tiiiiiiired diva! Tracking down anything resembling crackers in the house so we can dip it in a bowl of Sriracha and mayo diva! Nope? Not working? B'awww.

But wait! Cake was only the first course...

Check out Iggy Azalea's epic Harry Styles photobomb after the jump.

Iggy Azalea photobombs One Direction's Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, and Rita Ora

Harry, Ed, Ellie, and Rita? Consider yourself PHOTOBOMBED.

Yep, while One Direction's Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, and Rita Ora innocently posed for a group shot, the Aussie rapper was going H.A.M. on a basket of chicken wings. Posting the photo to InstagramLil' Kim's VMA co-presenter captioned, "Me and Harry." Infinite LOLs, we think this might actually top Selena Gomez's hilurrious Joseph Gordon-Levitt photobomb.

But maybe we're misunderstanding the context of the photo? Like, what if Iggy's got some rare form of asthma where instead of using a run-of-the-mill inhaler, she's gotta inhale fried chicken every seven minutes? Mmmmmm... asthma...

Bottom line: We have to give it up for Iggy Azalea. Though she may have lost the Artist To Watch Moonman to Austin Mahone, she'll forever go down in the Video Music Award books for having photobombed not one, but two nominees and one four-time winner. #BowDown #BecauseThereIsCakeAndChickenWingsUnderYourSeat

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Photo credit: Adam Lambert's Instagram, Iggy Azalea's Instagram