Important Reminder: Miley Cyrus Can SERIOUSLY SING! Here Are 4 Excellent Examples


Yes, I'm saying Miley Cyrus CAN sing. Mic drop.

Did Miley Cyrus go too far with her teddy bear twerk-and-tongue-happy performance of "We Can't Stop" and her very special guest spot in Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" at the VMAs? This will be a polarizing question for America to face as long as she keeps breaking Twitter. Hopefully not more polarizing than, like, if all Americans should have access to, oh, I don't know, affordable health care, because apparently not everyone thinks that's a good idea! Ha ha! Crazy, right? Helping people? Anyway, let's take Billy Ray's advice and focus on what matters:


And take my boo Anderson Cooper's advice and maybe stop being outraged by a girl who's pole-danced on an ice cream truck in front of teenagers.

I agree with Anderson on that point, but I do disagree with his assertion that Miley Cyrus cannot sing. So Anderson, before you go hatin' on Miley's twerk-happy VMA liberty walk again, why not direct your attention to these four exquisite examples of Miley Cyrus proving she seriously can sing.

1.) MILEY CYRUS' COVER OF JEFF BUCKLEY'S "LILAC WINE": "Lilac Wine" is actually over a decade old, and while Eartha Kitt and Nina Simone covered it, the late, extremely great Jeff Buckley (download Grace IMMEDIATELY, and don't talk to me until you've memorized every word) made it his own. While nothing could touch Jeff's take on the ineffable classic, Miley's version merits repeat listens.

2.) MILEY CYRUS' COVER OF BOB DYLAN'S "YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME LONESOME WHEN YOU GO": A.) This is stun-ning (hence my STAN-ing), and if you're all Shania Twain that-don't-impress-me-much, bear in mind Miley's cover of the Bob Dylan classic, "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go,"  (which Shawn Colvin also covered, and it's also my favorite) was for an Amnesty International compilation. #Charityhairflip

Check out more on-point of examples of Miley Cyrus' abillity to SING after the jump!

3.) MILEY CYRUS' COVER OF DOLLY PARTON'S "JOLENE": Just as Miley was born to twerk, Miley was born to cover Dolly Parton's "Jolene." I doubt Dolly herself would disagree since she invited Miley to duet with her on her trademark track and calls herself Miley's fairy godmother.

4.) MILEY CYRUS' VERY OWN "WRECKING BALL": You're not interested in Miley's meteoric new single, "Wrecking Ball"? I'm not interested in you.

Photo credit: Getty Images