Megan & Liz, BT, Yuna + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Tuesday! Time for another round of "5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week"!

This week's roundup features some brooding crooning from an up-and-coming twin sister act, some summertime sadness from a Malaysian beauty, and a truly cross-cultural EDM experience. Let's go!

Check out this week's installment of 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week, featuring Megan and Liz, Johnny Stimson, Yuna, and more.

1.) Megan & Liz, "In The Shadows Tonight"

Megan & Liz, our favorite li'l YouTube darlings-turned-bona fide pop starlets, are back! After dropping "Release You," their catchy, Max Martin-produced #BANGER earlier this summer ("Goodbyeeeee!"), the girls have decided to slow down the tempo and delve into darkness. "In The Shadows Tonight," which was co-penned by the sister act and produced by frequent Disney pop act producer John Fields, finds the girls slipping away into the shadows of their minds -- all the while pumping massive, arena-size '80s power-pop ballad hooks throughout. It's probably their most mature moment yet, and it's a nice place to find some solace.


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2.) BT, "City Life" featuring Fractal & Bada

BT is arguably one of the most progressive, innovative electronic producers of our time. With his latest studio album, A Song Across Wires, the skilled producer collaborated with tons of solid, if not semi-unexpected, acts. Perhaps the best surprise is "City Life," a collaboration with producer-DJ Fractal and K-Pop sensation (and former lead of the girl group S.E.S.), Bada. The almighty 6-minute track -- sung entirely in Korean -- builds gorgeously across tons of vocal layers, stuttering beats, and rich, ambient textures. It's a fantastic blend of world sound -- from K-Pop to progressive House -- making for one thrilling aural trip.


3.) Yuna, "Falling"

We've been buzzing about the honey-voiced Malaysian crooner Yuna for years now (remember her "Live Your Life" with Theophilus London?), and every time we check back in, she's doing cooler and cooler things.(#ItGetsCooler) For her new single, "Falling," the songstress worked with Robin Hannibal, who hails from Quadron and Rhye. The result is a breakup ode wrapped around a misleadingly bright production, shaking up our senses and getting our tears dropping all over the floor. "I wanna forget all this burden in my past/ I want to fall asleep so I don't have to remember," she coos. It's like the saddest Sade song, mixed with some perky Oh Land. We love it -- even if we have no idea how to feel.

+ Listen to YUNA, "FALLING"

4.) Johnny Stimson, "Daddy's Money"

Earlier this summer, Johnny Stimson was battling cyborgs above funky disco beats in the "Run Lola Run"-esque video for "Human Man." Now, the crooner's back for more -- but don't worry, no robots were harmed in the making of this song. On his equally toe-tap happy, glitchy new '80s-tinged track, "Daddy's Money," Johnny's dishing out all his dollars on a pretty girl who wants only the finest things in life. "Get you everything you want/ But everything is never enough!" he croons. It's a superslick stomper suited for lavish shopping sprees on your sweetheart. It's so infectious, in fact, that you'll almost forget that you're up to your eyeballs in debt.


5.) Gabriel & Dresden, "Tomorrow Comes" featuring Neil Ormandy

Electronic duo Gabriel & Dresden's been pumping out solid, emotion-laced electronica for years. (Remember 2006's still-amazing "Tracking Treasure Down"?) Next month, they're going to service a brand-new slice of pulsating tranced-out bliss: "Tomorrow Comes," featuring vocals from singer-songwriter Neil Ormandy. The uplifting club anthem slowly builds across eight-plus minutes of soaring vocals and shimmering synthesizers. "I dream of a better place/ Tomorrow comes," Ormandy pensively croons before an almighty liftoff. Remember: Tomorrow's just a day away.


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