Star Spotting: Ariana Grande Hugging Her Mom After Her VMA Performance Is The Sweetest Thing Ever! (PHOTOS)

Ariana Grande hugged her mom after performing at the VMA pre-show.

Ariana Grande hugging her mom on the VMA red carpet is too precious for words!

Remember when you were in one of your grade-school productions and the only thing that ever mattered was that your family was in the audience supporting your yet-to-be-realized thespian dreams? Then when your performance was done, you'd immediately run to your mom for a "Yay, I did it!" hug? Guys! Ariana Grande had that same ah-dorable moment after she NAILED her VMA red carpet pre-show performance last night!

After belting out "The Way"/"Baby I" like a seasoned diva (eighty-bazillion-octave range and all), Grande could have celebrated with fellow pre-show performing cutie Austin Mahone, or really anybody on the red carpet. But instead, she beelined straight for her mama to offer up a "Thanks for giving me life/these flawless genes!" embrace before the night's festivities began!

Watch Ariana Grande's VMA pre-show performance, and check out more photos after the jump.

I would have done the exact same thing. Except, knowing my mom, she'd probably decide that that specific moment in public, on-camera would be the PERFECT time to spit on a Kleenex and try to wipe some shmutz off of my face. BLARGH! (JK, love ya Mom.)

Ariana Grande singing "Baby I" at the VMAs.

Are you guys listening to this?!

Ariana sings "The Way" at the VMAs!

Put those guh-zillion octaves to work, girl!


Photo Credit: Splash News, MTV