Watch Katy Perry Impersonate Jane Of The Jungle In Her 'Roar' Video Teaser

Katy Perry is Jane of the Jungle in her "Roar" video teaser

Katy Perry is the Queen Of The Jungle in her "Roar" teaser video.

Fresh off the heels of her epic "Rocky"-themed "Roar" performance under the Brooklyn Bridge at last night's 2013 MTV VMAs, Katy Perry has unleashed yet another carpe-that-effing-diem clip.

Today we've got a brand-new teaser for her forthcoming "Roar" video, which features Katy doing a pretty great Jane Of The Jungle impression. Like, we're talking full-on swinging through trees on vines. And naturally she's wearing a leaf-constructed bikini bottom, because girl ain't playin'.

 Watch Katy Perry's "Roar" video teaser after the jump.

At the top of the clip, we meet Katy's jungle friends: elephants and birds. Once they hear Katy's call (ermm, roar), said animal friends perk up and head toward their jungle queen to see what she needs. Which, in this case, we'd assume is a home-cooked meal, toilet paper, and maybe a pair of skin-colored sweatpants? Because handling a potential jungle bathroom (or lack thereof) sitch with leaves might get a lil' old after a week or so.

Anyway, even though we only get a liiiiittle taste of what's to come here, we can probably bet that her full "Roar" video will be an inspiring collection of Katy doing sweat-inducing activities without ever shedding an actual drop of perspiration. Whether or not the entire animal kingdom will make an appearance is still up for debate.

+ Watch Katy Perry's "Roar" video teaser, and see her perform "Roar" at the 2013 MTV VMAs.

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