Selena Gomez Photobombing Joseph Gordon-Levitt May Be Our Favorite VMA Photo

Selena Gomez photobombs Joseph Gordon-Levitt at the 2013 VMAs.

JGL and Sel just buggin' out backstage at the VMAs.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt? OK, we know that Selena Gomez plays a pretty convincing carjacker in her new Ethan Hawke flick, "Getaway," but dude? IT'S JUST A MOVIE. Unless, she's literally pointing at him saying "Hey, JGL! I'm gonna jack yer car, neener neener neener!" in this backstage VMA photo, boyfriend needs to chill. OK, fine, Sel's probably just photobombing him, because hey -- Selena does what she wants -- but still! Let's take it back down to a three, OK dude? It's gonna be fine.

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Or, maybe Joseph was anxious before presenting Justin Timberlake with Video Of The Year, and the "Slow Down" double threat was just identifying someone in need whose nerves needed calming? Like, "Hark! There be but a troubled lad over yonder. I must approach with care for to soothe the sweating fool, posthaste!" (Thx, we've been working on our flawless Selena impression all night.)

For all we know, Sel let the "Don Jon" actor in on her personal pre-show jitters relaxation techniques, like "Imagine everyone in their underwear!" or "Just say everything in a ridiculous accent! The louder the better!" ...This explains EVERYTHING.


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Photo credit: MTV