Star Spotting: Rihanna Meets Harry Styles, Though It's Unclear If She Gives Any F**** (PHOTO)

Harry Styles and Rihanna at the 2013 MTV VMAs

Rihanna may or may not know that she just met Harry Styles.

While we're pretty sure you've seen Katy Perry's tiger print sports bra, Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift's intimate VMA embrace, Miley Cyrus' NASTY "We Can't Stop"/ "Blurred Lines" twerk show, and the *NSYNC reunion to end all *NSYNC reunions, there's one unsung VMA moment that demands your attention: when One Direction's Harry Styles posed with Rihanna, captured in the photo above.

RiRi's basically like, "Harry Styles? One Dir-WHAT? I give ZERO EFFS, BBs! But, I'm still gonna look gorgeous in my faded tee and jeans while I pose with this hot younger guy and smoke my "special cigarettes" that I def carried here in my weed purse. But also, who is this bro again?"

Now on to Mr. Styles, who actually looks unusually starstruck! Harry's no stranger to young female pop stars (do we even have to spell that one out for you?), but Rihanna is, like, a POP STAR, you know? I mean, the girl sang "Umbrella"-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh for eff's sake. That's on another level. That, and I'm sure Harry's never encountered a hot chick who he can go grill to grill with!

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Photo credit: Getty