Taylor Swift And Justin Timberlake Share An Intimate VMA Embrace (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake share a VMA embrace

News flash, Taylor: HE'S TAKEN.

We know what you're thinking about this photo: Literally any time Taylor Swift touches ANYONE, nay, looks at any human male with a steady pulse, she's allegedly "dating them." So when we see Taylor and VMA Video Vanguard Winner Justin Timberlake in the midst of a DEEP VMA embrace (Vembrace?), that MUST mean they're about to get married!

Except that NO, they're not, because Justin's happily married to Jessica Biel! That's DEFINITELY a real thing (#thepinkdress), and we actually think that Jessica could damn well body-check Taylor. If she had to, of course. Also, Taylor's hugging Justin because SHE CAN!

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That said, we can toooooootally understand why Taylor would take this opportunity to touch Justin on the NIGHT OF HIS EPIC *NSYNC reunion! Because we imagine that touching Justin on any night is kind of a "thing." But getting to touch him and be close to the sweat he produced while performing "Bye Bye Bye" with his ex-bandmates? Now that's a THING. Also: 20 bucks says Taylor writes an updated version of "Tim McGraw" about this encounter. No, make that 40 bucks.

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