Please Meet The Most Painfully Attractive People At The 2013 MTV VMAs (PHOTOS)

Being beautiful as Selena Gomez seems REALLY fun.

The  2013 MTV VMAs have come and gone, and now all we’re left with are tiger-striped sports bras from Katy Perry’s “Roar” performance, a photo of Taylor Swift looking intimate with Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus being straight-up freek-a-deek onstagea mother f*****g *NSYNC reunion (WE’LL NEVER BE OVER THAT), and the image of Lady Gaga’s butt cheeks.

But what’s the common denominator linking all of these perfect things together? PRETTY PEOPLE!! Because anyone who was anyone at the VMAs was, like, painfully attractive. Examples: Selena Gomez slaying the skirt slit game while accepting her VMA for “Best Pop Video,” Miley Cyrus grabbing her crotch, because obviously, *NSYNC, simply being *NSYNC, and VMA Video Vanguard Winner Justin Timberlake, because duh. Oh, and Adam Lambert was looking pretty damn fine in his all-black-everything, and Jared Leto? SELF-EXPLANATORY. (OK, fine, #JAWLINE.)

Want to feel even more insecure about the symmetry of your face? Scroll down to find out who else we found painfully attractive at the 2013 MTV VMAs.

Crotch-grabbing has been sexy since Rihanna.

Katy Perry is destroying in this dress. That is all.

See more of the most painfully attractive people of the 2013 MTV VMAs after the jump.

 *NSYNC existing in 2013 is THE SEXIEST.

 Taylor Swift looking like a stunning wax figure? Works for us!

Remembering 20 songs in a row? Now that’s sexy.

 All-leather-everything! ’Nuff said. 



Adam Lambert ops for all-shiny-black-everything.

Ariana Grande looks like Cinderella…in Louboutins.

Those are some interestingly placed pant  slits…but anything on Jared Leto is sexy.

 Jared Leto’s bone structure! Enjoy that.

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