*NSYNC Memorabilia: 21 Must-Have Collectibles, Vintage Dolls + Other Weird Things You Didn’t Know You Needed

They said “No Strings Attached,” but thankfully they were wrong.

Awwww, watching Justin Timberlake’s reunion with *NSYNC at last night’s VMAs has got us on a total nostalgia trip right now. Like, seeing our *NSYNC loves at the VMAs makes us wanna rub some Sun-In into our hair, leaf proudly through our newly assembled back-to-school *NSYNC Trapper Keeper, and casually tune out some discussion our parents are having about Monica Lewinsky. Who’s that? I’m just a kid! Chicken tenders! Pikachu! Carson Daly!

Anyway, buckle up, because you are hereby invited to come along for the ride as we pore over the Internet for the greatest vintage *NSYNC memorabilia of yesteryear. And by “invited,” we mean that we’re duct-taping a jawbreaker in your mouth and shoving you in the trunk. (Taylor Swift is already riding shotgun in her “Taylor Hearts *NSYNC” airbrushed tee.) Let’s go!

1.) *NSYNC LONG-SLEEVED TEE: The racing stripe on the left arm will make you sprint faster when you spot an opening between security guards. But why long sleeves? Why, so you can fully enjoy…

2.) *NSYNC TEMPORARY + RHINESTONE TATTOOS: Duh, as if your parents are gonna let you outta the house with these on! What Mom and Dad don’t know, won’t hurt ’em.

3.) JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE BEDSIDE POSTER: Besides, JT can bare all the arms for the both of you in this adorable poster. Watching you while you sleep. Every night. #IsThatWhatDatingIs

Check out the rest of the must-have *NSYNC memorabilia after the jump, or you can’t sit with us!

4.) *NSYNC BUTTONS + 5.) AN *NSYNC WATCH: You gotta complete the look! Besides, it’s 2000, and you’re 12 years old. You have a non-time-telling landline phone in your room — if you’re lucky.

6.) *NSYNC LIP BALM: Lance finds his blue raspberry flavor pairing to be truly lip-rageous. Truly, truly, TRULY lip-rageous! Good day.

7.) *NSYNC BOX OF SECRETS: “Dear *NSYNC Box of Secrets, We think that Chris is neat. Love, Buzzworthy. P.S. IF YOU TELL ANYONE, WE SWEARDAGOW…”

8.) JOEY FATONE BOBBLEHEAD: Ummmm… this one can’t watch us sleep. *faces bobblehead towards wall*

9.) J.C. CHASEZ BEANIE BEAR: We don’t care that it’s a knock-off Beanie Baby. (Remember their bears named after, like, Jerry Garcia and Princess Di? 1998 was weird.) Maybe if Ty Inc. had produced legit *NSYNC beanie babies, they wouldn’t have lost relevance. #ShotsFired

10.) CHRIS KIRKPATRICK BEANIE BEAR: OMFG, how could we forget?! If it’s the late ’90s, and you have a bean-stuffed teddy bear, YOU HAVE TO PUT IT IN A PROTECTIVE, RECTANGULAR CASE. #StillMakesMoreSenseThanPokemon

11.) J.C. CHASEZ TOY CAR: And if you’ve got a li’l bro, you’d better indoctrinate him to your favorite boy band early if you want to have uninterrupted road-trip DJ privileges.

12.) *NSYNC BOARD GAME: Because it’s never too early to learn how to be a groupie.

13.) *NSYNC LITERATURE: “*NSYNC Confidential: The Unofficial Book” will teach you everything from “Justin is cute!” to “Chris’ hair is… Chris has hair!”

14.) *NSYNC MINI PROJECTORS + 15.) *NSYNC TRADING CARDS: Those mini projectors are a #bleak reminder of the pre-high-speed Internet days.

16.) MATCHING *NSYNC BLANKET + THROW PILLOW: To really tie the bedroom together!

17.) ANOTHER *NSYNC BLANKET: Why just your room? Share the intricate *NSYNC weaving with every member of the family!

18.) ANOTHER EFFING *NSYNC BLANKET: Was this, like, some trend we totally missed 15 years ago? We’re having a hard time placing “elegantly woven rug portraiture” in between gel pens and butterfly clips.

19.) FIVE-INCH *NSYNC MAGNET: How better to hang your “*NSYNC Confidential” book report on the fridge? (Grade: Check minus.)

20.) *NSYNC CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS: Just put on Home For Christmas, and go H.A.M. on that tree. Don’t celebrate Christmas? Then you get to hang them anywhere you want ALLLLLL YEAR.

21.) *NSYNC’s “BYE BYE BYE” MARIONETTES: Now you can re-enact their legendary onstage reunion with Justin at last night’s Video Music Awards any time you like. Enjoy!

+ Watch Justin Timberlake’s VMA medley featuring *NSYNC.

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