Taylor Swift's Reaction To *NSYNC's VMA Reunion Is, Of Course, Priceless (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift was just A LITTLE BIT happy about the fact that *NSYNC reunited

Our feelings exactly.

Are you even alive right now? Oh, no? Us either! Because you, like us, are probably still in recovery from watching *NSYNC reunite during Justin Timberlake's 2013 VMA performance! And we know we're not alone! Because wanna know who else is probably having a Timberlake Quake? That'd be Taylor Swift, who, as you can see by the above GIF, was visibly overcome with '90s nostalgia from watching Justin, JC, Lance, Chris, and Joey sing "Bye Bye Bye" AND do the "Bye Bye Bye" hand dance! YOU KNOW THE ONE.

And to make the moment even sweeter, Tay watched the boy band of the century (no shade, One Direction!) hit the stage next to her BFF4LYFE, Selena Gomez, who also looked crazy overwhelmed with #feelings.

Watch Justin Timberlake and *NSYNC's VMA performance after the jump.

In case you were wondering, we're thinking Taylor's "Watch *NSYNC Reunite" face MIGHT just top her signature "Swifty Surprised Face." And that's saying a lot. Because Taylor's been surprised and/or euphoric MANY times. Is this the happiest we've ever seen her? Probably. And let's not forget that she dated an actual KENNEDY.

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Photo credit: MTV

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