Welcome Back To The Dollhouse: Danity Kane’s VMA Comeback In Photos, Videos + GIFs

Danity Kane is back, and we are LIVING FOR IT.

Do, do you have a first aid kit handy? Because we think we are gonna NEED IT. Because in case you missed the 2013 Video Music Awards pre-show, the official  Danity Kane reunion is officially on!!!! The wound has been patched, the hold in our heart has been cleared, and we pop-music obsessives with a penchant for girl group powerhouses are DAMAGED NO MORE!

This is, like, “Making The Band-Aid To Heal The Last Four Years.”

Today, we went beyond the valley of the dollhouse, so let’s celebrate by taking a look back at the Danity Kane we knew and the DK we’re getting know to all over again! We’ve rounded up our fave photos, videos, and GIFs of… I’m sorry. I — I need a minute.

It’s just, like, a lot to take in.

WOO. OK, as I was saying, to observe this day of nationally recognized flawlessness, we’ve rounded up our fuh-HAYYYYY-vorite photos, videos, and GIFs of Aubrey, Dawn, Shannon, and Aundrea. (And even a couple of our girl D. Woods!) Y’all #ShowStoppers ready? LET’S DO THIS!

Check out “Welcome Back To The Dollhouse” Danity Kane celebration after the jump.

Our ladies got their start on MTV’s “Making The Band 3.” Diddy (then “P. Diddy”) basically decided to go all Professor X and create his own genetically modified supergirl group.

Still just as sugary, spicy, and everything nice-y as evaaaa, Danity Kane’s 2013 reunion is a little more “Making The Band-Aid to Heal the Last Four Years without Them.”

Still the “Show Stoppers” they started as!


Dare we say it, more show-stopping after all these years? WE DARE. We don’t know if the Instagram below is the artwork for their new single “Rage” or its accompanying album’s cover, but we DIE!

And while we obvs miss all forty flawless pounds of hair resting atop Aubrey’s heavenly head…

…She is still a living follicular goddess at any hair length.

We’d be lying if we didn’t mention our obsession with her Heatherette muse/puppy fashion designer phase…

But we must look forward to the bright, show-stopping future that’s as bright as that glint in li’l Drea’s eyes.

Hey, Dawn, we’ve got a question for you. How’d you get to be so flawless? SRSLY, even when standing next to Kanye West (like you did in ’06) you don’t lose your composure.

AND LO! How little has changed.

OK, OK, one more question though, and we hope it’s not awkward. Ummmmmmm… where’s D. Woods, ladies?

SRY!!!! Our mistake, Madame O’Day, we must never question what thou hath presenteth. Ladies and gentlemen, WELCOME BACK TO THE DOLLHOUSE!!!!

+ Watch Danity Kane announce their reunion on the VMA red carpet.

Video Music Award 2013 winners, red carpet photos, and the full VMA show free on demand at VMA.MTV.com.

Photo credit: Getty Images, Aubrey O’Day’s Instagram, Danity Kane’s Instagram / GIFs: shjrubia.tumblr.com, blog.chron.com, wifflegif.com