Austin Mahone Gets A Shot In The Butt, The World Gets A Reason To Live (VIDEO)

So, uh… that’s sort of almost Austin’s butt. AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Hallowed be Sunday, Aug. 25, for on this blessed day the Mahomie flock hath seen the light. Just in case you’re not aware, said light is Austin Mahone’s butt. #Amen

After discussing his possibly under-the-weather status the last few days on Twitter and how worried he was that it would impact his VMA pre-show performance, Austin tweeted out a link to a video of him finally getting some medical attention, i.e. a shot in the butt. His caption: “Just got a shot in my butt… gotta be in top shape for tonight! lol” Obviously, we only viewed the clip out of concern for our guy’s health. Oops, look at that! I winked so hard, my eyelids fell off.

Watch Austin Mahone get a shot in the butt after the jump.

Well, technically it wasn’t Austin’s full-on posterior, more like the top-butt or pre-butt, if you will. Hey, if boobs can have side-boobs and under-boobs, why not butts? (#WhatAboutButts) Still, we think we speak for Mahomies the world over when we say:

OK, we’re up again. Now that we’ve recovered, we’d also like to add:

Hmmm, we gotta wrap things up. So, class, what have we learned today? All together now: It must be jelly, ’cause…

Class dismissed.

+ Watch Austin Mahone get a shot in the butt.

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