Ariana Grande Looks Even More Angelic Than Usual (Which Is Saying A Lot) Rehearsing For Her 2013 VMAs Pre-Show Performance (PHOTO)

Ariana Grande looks amazing in her VMA pre-show rehearsal photo.

Ariana Grande looks like a VMAs angel while rehearsing for the pre-show.

Happy 2013 VMAs day!! Who here's excited?! Welllll, I think it completely goes without saying that WE are (AND that we haven't slept till Brooklyn), but that's all besides the point. The point today is, doesn't Ariana Grande look soooo beautiful and angelic rehearsing for her VMAs pre-show performance?? #Yes, #OneThousandTimesYes

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Yep, yesterday we managed to snap a stunning mid-rehearsal portrait of the "Baby I" singer rehearsing juuust as the sun was setting. And seriously, this sun-kissed image is just the cherry atop her year.

Doesn't it just feel like everything's falling into place for Ariana?? Not only is she hanging out with ALL the awesome dudes in pop music (Mac Miller, Big Sean, JUSTIN BIEBER), but she's about to drop her debut disc, Yours Truly, on Aug. 30! And top all that off with a VMAs red carpet pre-show performance?? I.e. The same one Austin Mahone's performing at?? It's all happening!

Watch Ariana Grande perform at tonight's VMA pre-show starting at 8 p.m. ET., then tune in for the 2013 MTV VMAs tonight at 9 p.m. ET!

+ Watch Ariana Grande take a VMAs-themed lyric test, and find out who she'd choose to play her in a movie on MTV's VMA all access livestream.

Cast your vote NOW for this year’s Video Music Award winners from the 2013 VMA Nominees. The 2013 Video Music Awards air Aug. 25 on MTV and, live from Brooklyn's Barclays Center. No sleep till Brooklyn!

Photo credit: @ShearerPhoto