Warning: This Photo Of Bruno Mars Backstage At His VMA Rehearsal May Cause Blindness, Possible Immaculate Pregnancy (PHOTO)

Bruno Mars looks great backstage at the VMA rehearsals.

Bruno Mars looks WAY TOO GOOD to have just rehearsed anything. Is that a wax figure?

We've likely already made it pretty clear how excited we are for Bruno Mars' upcoming 2013 MTV VMA performance. Maybe we'll leave out the part about how we scanned our credentials at Barclays while Bruno was rehearsing his VMA performance, and the scanner made this loud whooping sound, and the security guy was like NOPE! Turns out they had a read on us ahead of time, muttered something about a restraining order in the making, BLAH BLAH BLAH DETAILS AND SECURITY! WHO NEEDS EITHER, REALLY? Also, who cares, let's keep this Bruno lovefest going! We could do this all night! We ARE going to do this all night! CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP!

ANYHOOLIGANS, let's study this almost-too-hot backstage photo of Bruno post-VMA rehearsal. Like, let's REALLY get in there. Yeah, we know that he's technically a real human and stuff (ehhh, is he though?), but Bruno is WAY TOO GOOD LOOKING to have just finished rehearsing. If it were us, we'd be sweating buckets, collecting said sweat in said buckets, showering to wash ourselves clean of that horrible image, and wishing to God that we looked as good as Bruno does at all times. *Runs to the Sephora across the street* *Buys concealer* *Returns concealer because I am beautiful no matter what they say*

C'monnnnn, it's just not fair! We're starting to perspire just LOOKING at Bruno, who's leaning all casually, like, "Yeah, I just wrapped up my VMA rehearsal. I do this every day. NBD, BB. Also, you and me making love like Gorillas." BANG! PREGNANCY! SORRY, TOTALLY LOST IN A SEX DRAGON FANTASY. TALK AMONGST YOURSELF, HOOLIGANS! PETER GENE HERNANDEZ, MESSIAH OR NOT? DISCUSS!

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Photo credit: John Shearer/ Invisionagency for MTV

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