Miley Cyrus Twerks, Turns Up, And Stunts Her Way Through NYC Pre-VMAs!

Miley Cyrus gets turnt up pre-VMAs!

Miley Cyrus is getting TURNT UP in NYC pre-VMAs! I mean, wouldn't you?

If you were Miley Cyrus, and you were about to perform your Best Song Of The Summer-nominated single at the 2013 MTV VMAs, AND you had a whoooole night to kill after rehearsing at Brooklyn's Barclays Center, how would you spend it? If it were us, we'd probably start the night out at a Williamsburg bar, make our way to le clurb or two, hit up a Bushwick loft party (maybe she followed our Brooklyn guide to dating Drake, by the way?), catch our breath with a bite of late-night Roberta's pizza, THEN probably crash at our uptown Manhattan penthouse suite. #ThatsJustUs

But guess what! We don't have to wonder how Miley spent last night -- we have actual physical proof that Miley got TURNT UP and stunted her way through NYC pre-VMAs last night! Thank you, Miley's Twitter account!

Check out more photos of Miley getting turnt up and stunting her way through NYC after the jump.

Miley Cyrus gets turnt up in NYC pre-VMAs!

Nothing says "ready for the VMAs" like a morning SoHo flower hat.

Just a few hours after her VMAs rehearsal where she promised MTV News' Christina Garibaldi that her "We Can't Stop" performance will be "one of the best VMA performances of all time "AND would channel her music video "times 1,000," Miley went right out and Twitter-documented her night at some NYC clubs.

Miley Cyrus hits the NYC clubs.

Miley and her tongue hit the NYC clubs last night.

And in case you were wondering whether Miley was ACTUALLY the stay-up-till-the-crack-of-dawn type, it looks like a.) yes, she is (uh duh), and b.) she ended her night/started her morning with a SICK SoHo street purchase (just like the locals do)! No word on if Milers hit a strip club and twerked to Juicy J, but you can bet your (twerking) butts that we're holding out hope in our hearts.

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Photo credit: @MileyCyrus