Oh, Hay! It's Saturday Snack Day, Now Featuring Supermodels, Oysters + Ramen Burgers! #Nom (VIDEO)

Take a break from twerking and/or lazily piling cold pizza into your hungover face, and check out Chrissy Teigen and our food dude friends from food site, Immaculate Infatuation! They went on a trip to Smorgasburg, Brooklyn's famed foodie flea market, and together, the trio downed oysters, nom-ed ramen burgers (YEP, RAMEN BURGERS), and basically transport you to your ultimate hungrover paradise. #IWantToGoToThere.

In the aforementioned video, which aired earlier this week on the VMA All Access livestream, Chrissy learns that the best way to Brooklyn's heart is through her stomach. OMG, we would love to down oysters with the Sports Illustrated supermodel in the VMA borough's hippest neighborhoods, but... IDK, let's just say that we are NOT the cutest at eating oysters (unlike nobody?), and we do NOT want to ruin our BFFAE status with Ms. Teigen. Oh, P.S. Chrissy, we're BFFAE. Pretty sure you got the memo.

Watch Chrissy and Immaculate Infuation eat the mythical ramen burger after the jump.

Then our foodie reviewer friends over at Immaculate Infatuation met up with Chrissy to take on the ultimate, drool-worthy dish of late: the ramen burger. It's basically the food trend/savory equivalent of the cronut, and we are LIFTED!

On top of how duh-lish-usssss it looks, how funny is it that ramen suddenly has a gourmet side to it? Like, we may or may not have totally been 'bout that ramen-eating-because-I'm-broke-in-the-city life not too long ago, and maaaaaaay or may not have made "ramen burgers" for ourselves a few times. They... looked nothing like this. Let's leave it at that. (#Repress #Repress)

+ Watch Chrissy Teigen sample oysters and ramen burgers with Immaculate Infatuation, and don't forget to tune into the VMA ALL ACCESS LIVESTREAM for further flawless coverage.

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