Here's Who's Presenting At The 2013 MTV VMAs: One Direction, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez + More!

Here's who's presenting at the 2013 MTV VMAs!

2013 MTV VMA presenters family photo!

The 2013 MTV VMAs are TONIGHT, folks. Dunno if you realized that. If not, it's time to WAKE UP! Or keep sleeping. It's your choice.

But really, the VMAs are alllllmost here (tonight at 9 p.m. ET), and although we've spent a lot of valuable time talking about tonight's performers (Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West -- JUST to name a few), we thought we should take a time out and talk about tonight's presenters (see: Jimmy Fallon, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, One Direction, etc)! Because presenting is a tough job, you know? There are all those lines to remember, you gotta make sure you don't outshine the actual award WINNER while still looking really, really fabulous, acting not-awkward if you run into your ex (COUGH HAYLOR COUGH)... SO MANY THINGS!

So, without any further delay, let's GO!

1.) JIMMY FALLON: Erryyybody knows this funnyman. From his six-year tenure on "SNL" to his hi-larious late-night talk show to his wonderfully original "classroom instruments" artist guest spots (also, don't forget his own turn as a singer -- remember "Idiot Boyfriend"?), Jimmy's been cracking us up for years. Also, it seems especially fitting that Jimmy would be presenting Justin Timberlake with the Video Vanguard VMA -- not only are they IRL friends, but they are ESPECIALLY funny when they team up. (See: every segment on Justin's week-long "Late Night" tenure.)

2.) TAYLOR SWIFT: This twice-nominated fringed songstress has had what we think is one of the best years of her career, between the success of Red and her subsequent "Red" tour. I mean, we hardly have to spell it out for you. Obviously we can't wait to see Tay hit the stage and present a Kaws Moonman, but what we're REALLY excited to see is a) if she'll run into her ex-flame Harry Styles (who's also presenting a VMA with One Direction), or b) if it'll be awkward. #Sorry again for living vicariously through your love life, Taylor! #NotSorry

3.) SELENA GOMEZ: Not only is the "Come & Get It" singer nominated for a Best Pop Video VMA, but she's also hitting the stage to present an award! This is just the cherry atop Sel's jam-packed year. Even though she's had to dodge a few are-they-aren't-they together Justin Bieber rumors (which, let's face it, hasn't exactly hurt her career), Selena's got the world wrapped around her little finger between her ultra-successful Stars Dance album, tour, and breakout role in "Spring Breakers." And please don't forget that she's about to carjack Ethan Hawke in "Getaway" (out Aug. 30).

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4.) ONE DIRECTION: Ummmmm, how could anyone forget the Best Song Of The Summer nominees' "One Thing" performance at last year's VMAs?? The entire female audience practically went into a squee-induced coma! So obviously we had to bring the "This Is Us" stars back. And not to be total breakup vulture-trolls (except that we are total breakup vulture-trolls), we're kinda sorta dying to know if Harry Styles will run into ex-fling Taylor Swift and if it's gonna be awkward. Sorry, we can't stop thinking about it! Because Taylor's "ew/gross" tongue is TOO GOOD!

5.) JARED LETO: If you'll let me quote from "Swingers" (please let me quote "Swingers"), Jared Leto is so money and he doesn't even know it. (OK, maybe he sort of knows it. You can't nickname yourself "Bartholomew Cubbins" and NOT have a good-to-decent understanding of your overall cool factor.) Anyway, not only is Thirty Seconds To Mars' "Up In The Air" video/short film nominated for a whopping THREE VMAs, but the band actually managed to launch their LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS single from outer SPACE this year. If that's not VMA-presenter-worthy, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS.

6.) EMELI SANDE: This Scottish pop/R&B singer-songwriter has one hand in every pie: She recently collaborated with Kendrick Lamar on a "B*tch, Don't Kill My Vibe" remix, she snagged a spot on The Great Gatsby soundtrack, she's still promoting last year's album, Our Version Of Events, AND she took home the Critics' Choice Award at last year's Brit Awards. Now she's presenting a Moonman on the VMA stage, which means 1) we can't wait to see what she wears (girl's got style), and 2) she's already basically won at life. No more life to win.

7.) A$AP ROCKY: New York's own A$ap Rocky is no stranger to the VMA stage: Just last year the rapper helped Rihanna open the big show (and when we say "open," we mean "sneak a little ass grab." DON'T THINK WE DIDN'T SEE THAT). Plus, dude's also got a Best Hip Hop Video nomination for "F---in' Problems"! So, uh, #AllTheProps and #WellDeserved

8.) KEVIN HART: Now, I know what you're thinking -- there's no VMAs host this year! What gives? Um, too many awesome performers to fit in to two hours, maybe?? Well, here's a little consolation prize: Last year's VMA host, Kevin Hart, is coming back to present a Moonman! You know what this mean... we're gonna have to start "Thinking Like A Man." So, er... How 'bout them Sox? Wanna go in on a pitcher...? How 'bout dem... Excuse me, that's my cue to leave.

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