Would You Cut Your Hair Like This Miley Cyrus Superfan Did? See Her Dramatic Makeover On The VMAs Livestream! (VIDEOS)

We don't have to tell you that there are some HARDCORE Smilers out there (that's code for Miley Cyrus Stans). I mean, how else would the "Best Song Of The Summer" VMA nominee and performer NOT have a legion of devotees? Or, more specifically, how could this RATCHET goddess NOT sartorially inspire other mini-ratchet goddesses-in-training?!

Well, there just so happens to be one ultimate Smiler named Madeline who loves Miley so much, that she opted to get a FULL Miley Cyrus haircut-makeover to premiere on MTV's VMA All Access livestream. And be warned: Madeline's new lewk is as DRASTIC as it is BADASS.

Check out Madeline's full Miley Cyrus makeover after the jump.

When asked why she wanted a full Miley makeover -- short platinum blonde hair and all -- Madeline explained that she respected Miley for having the confidence to chop off all her hair. Yeah, well, it's time to commend you too, Madeline, because you literally just DID THE SAME THING. Like, you just had a hold-the-ponytail-in-your-hand-and-cut-straight-across moment!! #ThingsWeCouldNeverDo

Two intense platinum-coloring sessions later, and Miley -- excuse us -- Madeline 2.0, was born! Serious props. You WERQUE and don't look back, girl. Check out her Miley makeover below!

+ Check out Madeline's full Miley Cyrus makeover, and watch the rest of tonight's VMA All Access Livestream.

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