Rihanna Has A Weed Purse Because SHE'S RIHANNA (PHOTO)

Rihanna carried a weed purse because SHE IS RIHANNA.

Any guesses as to what's in Rihanna's weed purse? Anyone? No? Eh?

Truth is, no one here is the least bit surprised that Rihanna carries a weed purse. Why? Because nobody was surprised when she dressed up like a weed bride for Halloween, or rocked a cannabis maxi dress!

Anyway, now that we're over the 0.0 levels of shock regarding Rihanna's cannabis handbag, we're just a little curious: WHAT DO YOU THINK RIHANNA KEEPS IN HER POT PURSE???

No, seriously, what do we reallllly think Rihanna's got in that "floral" purse of hers? Because it that were OUR weed clutch, we'd absolutely have a stash of Tums (never know when that acid reflux might hit), Advil (any good Jewish girl would!), Wet 'n' Wild lip gloss, and maybe a granola bar because #bloodsugar.

But Rihanna? We're pretty positive her purse essentials include a Swarovski-crystal-weed-themed iPhone case, a spare set of grills, and can of whoop-ass for anyone who runs up on her like that. And maybe some Tums? Nahhh, prolly just an endless supply of "party cigarettes."

Photo credit: WENN