Will Kanye West Take North West To The 2013 VMAs?

Can Kanye West please bring North West to the 2013 VMAs?

We REALLY want Kanye West to bring North West to the 2013 VMAs.

After months of watching Kanye West canoodle with Kim Kardashian, followed by nine more months of bump watches and unsolicited parenting advice, followed by what felt like YEARS of waiting to see actual baby pictures, Kanye West finally revealed a photo of his new baby daughter, North West.

And here's the best part: Kanye unveiled a photo of North West this morning on grandma Kris Jenner's talk show season finale! #AW. So, now that everything's out in the open, our only question is, WILL KANYE TAKE NORTH WEST TO THE 2013 VMAS??

Watch Kanye West reveal a photo of North West on "Kris" after the jump.

I mean, if you think about it, why shouldn't Kanye bring North to the VMAs? It's a totally infant-friendly environment, right? (Er, actually, we've smelled the halls of past VMA dressing rooms, so... yeah.) And, as you may already know, Kanye will be performing his Yeezus track "Black Skinhead" at Sunday night's VMAs, so maybe he'd want North to see her dad doing his ultra-famous-person thing! Isn't that what we ALL want??

Well, even if Kanye opts to leave North West home with a sitter, we'll just make one last point ('cause we don't want to, like, parent for you): Kanye, you've had a lot of amazing VMA moments, but rest assured, no moment could top a Simba/Pride Rock/"Lion King"/take-the-baby-onstage moment. This is your ONLY chance!

+ Watch Kanye West reveal North West's photo on "Kris."

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Photo credit: @KrisJennerShow

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