Here's Everything Austin Mahone Has Said, Done + Breathed About The 2013 VMAs!

Austin Mahone reacts to his VMA nomination with a shocked selfie.

Austin Mahone's "I'm nominated for a MTV VMA!?" reaction pic is flawless!

In case you've been wondering when we were gonna drop everything to devote all of our energies toward praising the absolute perfection that is Austin Mahone, NOW IS THAT TIME. Brace yourselves, patient little Mahomies, because we're paying homage to all things Austin because a) DUH, and b) we've gotta celebrate his first-ever Video Music Awards -- which, BTW, includes an Artist To Watch nomination and a spot on the VMA pre-show performance roster alongside Ariana Grande!!!!

To honor the "What About Love" singer's tremendous VMA-related accomplishments, we've compiled the greatest photos, videos, and GIFs illustrating everything he's been up to in the past month to prepare for his game-changing VMA spotlight on Sunday. Also, it never hurts to have a whole bunch o' Austin visuals in one consolidated place -- purely for efficiency's sake! Basically, this post is what our IRL bedroom walls look like. Enjoy.

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Austin Mahone celebrates his VMA noms with Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran!

Oh, you know, just Austin hanging with some of his super famous friends!

Over the past year, Austin has pretty much taken over the music game, and getting nominated for the Artist To Watch Moonman was just icing on his FTW cake. (Yo, Cake Boss, can you cook one of those up? Thx.) After sending us that eye-popping selfie up top, Austin celebrated the announcement with his "Red" Tour buds/new BFFs, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran like it was NBD. What is his life, and how can we get there?

Oh, our Mahomeboy also recorded a little nomination reaction video after hearing the news! (We assume that immediately after filming it, Austin hopped a flight on his baller-status private jet straight home to hug his mom, because you should always hug yo' mama when something good happens to you --  she changed your diapers, after all!)

+ Watch Austin Mahone's VMA nomination reaction video.

After lying low for a while (read: busy being a ridiculously busy famous person), Austin took to his Instagram on Wednesday to post the first in a series of epic VMA countdown selfies. That was day five in terms of counting down to Sunday, but day buh-zillion in our epic harmonious Mahone love. Tomato, to-mah-to! (Side note: When Austin's done with this countdown, may we suggest he works on creating a day-by-day calendar of just his face and his fingers saying what day it is? BEST CALENDAR EVER.)

Austin Mahone counts down to the VMAs.

High-five to only five days till the big day!

After Wednesday, came Thursday. Sorry, after Wednesday, came ****SPOILER ALERT**** Thursday -- aka T-minus four days until the VMAs.

Austin Mahone counts down day four until the VMAs.

Four days  counted by four bros!

Austin also hit up MTV's Tumblr for our very first pop star takeover, where he answered questions and won the e-hearts of millions. First, he racks up over three-million Twitter followers, and now he's dominating the Tumblr game? Austin Mahone is basically running our Internet, and we are #NOTMAD AT ALL.

Austin Mahone is very serious on MTV's Tumblr.

We think #SeriousBusinessAustin may be our new favorite Austin.

We're also #NotMad about this GIF MTV tumbled of Austin blowing us kisses. This is really what's gonna get us through the remaining three-day wait until his pre-show performance on Sunday.

Austin will be here for our very first Tumblr takeover in 30 minutes!!!Ask box is open now!

Try to catch every kiss. Aaaaaand, GO!

Before leaving MTV HQ, the "Say You're Just A Friend" singer popped over by "Charlamagne & Friends" to chat with the host (and "Guy Code" regular) Charlamagne Tha God about the craziest things his fans have thrown at him onstage, what it's like to be all Truckfit in Lil Wayne's clothing line 24/7, and what it's like to be a Precious Moments figurine come to life by the tears of a dove. OK, that last one was pure us, but dammit -- we just wanna know!

+ Watch Austin Mahone stop by "Charlamagne & Friends."

And then it was Friday, and knowing that we gotta get down on Friday, Austin got the VMA excitement ball rolling with an adorable three-finger countdown throwdown!

Austin Mahone counts down to the VMAs.

Three more days, ya'll!

Now, there's nothing left to do but CRY. Cry, cry, WEEEEEEEEP, cry until Austin Mahone takes the VMA red carpet pre-show stage this Sunday. It's OK, you don't have to be strong. Just let it out. Even Austin himself (and his co-pre-show headliner Ariana Grande) is "super excited" to perform!

+ Watch Austin Mahone and Ariana Grande get super excited for their pre-show set.

Awwwww, those two are so cute. Like, obvs it would be mad blasphemous to declare anyone "as cute as Austin Mahone." (#GetOut) But, ya know, for "someone who is not Austin," Ariana's so adorable! OMG, what if they started going out? NO, WAIT, what if they go all Britney Spears/Madonna 2003 VMAs onstage?! Ugh, we need to start meditating NOW just in case, or else we're gonna have a Demi Lovato-level "Heart Attack" come Sunday evening.

Cast your vote NOW for this year’s Video Music Award winners from the 2013 VMA Nominees. The 2013 Video Music Awards air Aug. 25 on MTV and, live from Brooklyn's Barclays Center. No sleep till Brooklyn!

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram, MTV, MTV's Instagram / GIF: MTV's Tumblr

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