Miley Cyrus’ Tongue Is Out… Again: 15 Ratchet Pics + GIFs!

Miley Cyrus’ tongue, doing what it does best.

It’s, like, a total understatement to point out what a year Miley Cyrus has had. After taking some valuable “being Miley” time off from the spotlight, she emerged like a Susan Powter-esque, bleached blonde phoenix from the ashes in order to spread her twerked-out, fun-loving message with the world!

Now, Miley’s up for two VMAs at this Sunday’s ceremony (including Best Song Of The Summer!), and will perform her summer smash “We Can’t Stop” live onstage! OK, self, PULL IT TOGETHER! We’ll have plenty of time to gush over Ms. Milez during our VMA All Access livestream special segment today at 3:30 p.m. ET.

But there’s one beautiful soul who’s been doing all the same work as the Bangerz singer, but has yet to get any serious recognition. Ladies and gentlemen (mostly #LADEEZ, LBR), let’s give it up for Miley Cyrus’ tongue and all of the beautiful, Barbie-kissing, sideways-twerk joy it has brought us these last 12 months! Oh, Miley’s tongue, our love for you is never-ending! Let us count the ways…

1.) WHEN MILEY’S TONGUE shows Barbie a good time.

2.) WHEN MILEY’S TONGUE gets turnt up (err, sorta down and to the side?) with Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J.

+ PHOTO GALLERY: MILEY CYRUS’ GREATEST TONGUE PHOTOS, and see more of Miley’s 15 Ratchet Tongue Pics after the jump.

3.) WHEN MILEY’S TONGUE keeps us on our toes, hoes!

4.) WHEN MILEY’S TONGUE sticks itself out cuz it’s worried you’ll think it’s actually attached to the real Terry Richardson due to Ms. Cyrus’ flawless photographer disguise.

5.) WHEN MILEY’S TONGUE can’t keep its VMA excitement to itself!

6.) WHEN MILEY’S TONGUE holds a teach-in with the fans. Side tongues for everyone!

7.) WHEN MILEY’S TONGUE retreats just a little bit, because — hello — it’s attending the Met Gala.

8.) WHEN MILEY’S TONGUE twerks its way through the subway tunnels of Brooklyn.

9.) WHEN MILEY’S TONGUE can’t stop and won’t stop sticking out! So basically, all the time.

10.) WHEN MILEY’S TONGUE is shakin’ it like it’s in the strip club.

11.) WHEN MILEY’S TONGUE finally puts itself to good use, licking away at a lollipop. No offense, flawless tongue, but we were, like, five seconds away from telling you to #GetAJob.

12.) WHEN MILEY’S TONGUE cannot believe its cameo got cut out of Ms. Cyrus’ nude Marc Jacobs tee (modeled here by the ever impeccably dressed Kelly Osbourne).

13.) WHEN MILEY’S TONGUE is havin’ a #SUNDAYFUNDAY, y’all!

14.) WHEN MILEY’S TONGUE wins three surfboards at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards!

15.) WHEN MILEY’S TONGUE knows when to take a break, and gives the spotlight to another well-deserving tongue-wagger. #Aw


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Photo credit: RCA, Getty Images, MTV, Terry Richardson, @mileycyrus

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