Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Are Both Presenting At The 2013 VMAs… WILL THIS BE AWKWARD?

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles walking in Central Park.

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift will BOTH present at the VMAs. Which reminds us, we really miss "Haylor!"

With the 2013 MTV VMAs just around the corner (Sunday, Aug. 25, y'all), there's just SO much to think about. For example, what's Lady Gaga's "Applause" performance gonna be like? How many twerks are we gonna get out of Miley Cyrus?

But here's the most pressing issue (for now): Ex-lovebirds Taylor Swift and One Direction's Harry Styles -- the artist(s) formerly known as "Haylor" -- will BOTH present awards at the VMAs. Which means they're gonna be in the same place at the same time. UH, is that gonna be awkward??

Watch Taylor Swift perform "We Are Never Getting Back Together" after the jump!

I mean, technically it's been months since Haylor's breakup, and they've probably moved on (i.e. Taylor's not sad on a boat anymore), and we're probably worrying over nothing. But you have to admit that it could be a little awkward if they run into each other backstage. Like, if they both reach for the same doughnut at (what we're assuming will be) the free food table.

Luckily, Barclays Center is gigantic and there's a good chance Harry and Taylor won't even get within 50 feet of each other. But we're still nervous for them! Because, well, knowing than an ex of mine still lives in the same zip code is enough for me to hide behind things!

But meh, we're probably nervous for no good reason. Both Harry and Taylor are mature adults, and we're sure they're fully capable of either a) steering wayyyy clear of each other or b) being the very picture of calm, cool, and collected if they DO run in to each other. Right?

And if they DO see each other, all Taylor has to do is fake one of her classic surprise faces (or stick her tongue out), then Harry could cut the tension with a goofy expression... And then they'll hug, make up, and GET BACK TOGETHER! (J/K, guys. My fan fiction got out of hand.) #HaylorFOREVER

+ Watch Taylor Swift perform "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" at the 2012 VMAs.

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