Selena Gomez Takes A Break From Her 'Stars Dance' Tour To Snap Selfies With NYC Fans (PHOTO)

Selena Gomez poses for flawless photos with a NYC fan.

That guy in the back needs to CHILL. He'll get his Selena Gomez photo when it's time.

You'd never guess by looking at this photo of Selena Gomez snapping selfies with fans in New York City, but the "Come & Get It" singer is actually midway through the Canadian leg of her "Stars Dance" Tour! No, seriously! The night before Sel arrived at her NYC hotel, she of the flawless Instagram filter-worthy face was onstage singing "Slow Down" and covering Lorde's "Royals" -- you know, the Selena Gomez superstar usual. Guess what she's doing tonight? THE SAME DAMN THING IN OTTAWA. No pun intended, Selena, but uh... maybe you should slow down?

Hmmmm, but then whyyyyyy was Ms. Gomez even in New York for less than two days in the first place? Do you think she's scoping out the city before Sunday's VMAs, deciding exactly what to wear and when to execute a VMA Diva Moment?! Or, maybe the pop princess is just popping over to the city for the night because she can literally do that because she's Selena Gomez. We know we would!

P.S. We LOVE the super thick cornrows, Sel. They've got you looking almost like one of the elves in "The Lord Of The Rings." Huh, we always knew you were otherwordly, but we never guessed that said world would be Middle-earth. #OneSingerToRuleThemAll

Photo credit: Splash