It's #tbt: VMA Flashback: Thirty Seconds To Mars Making It Rain Moonmen At The 2010 VMAs (PHOTOS)

Thirty Seconds To Mars RULED the 2010 MTV VMAs.

Just a friendly reminder: Thirty Seconds To Mars ruled the 2010 VMAs!

You know how it's fun to page through your old high school yearbooks? Well, that's EXACTLY what #ThrowBackThursday is like like for us. Except instead of looking at our previous accomplishments, we like to vicariously live through our favorite musicians! And with the 2013 MTV VMAs only FOUR DAYS AWAY (!!!), today we'd like to dedicate today's #tbt to reminiscing about Thirty Seconds To Mars RULING the 2010 VMAs! This is when learning history can actually be fun!

Check our Thirty Seconds To Mars' VMA moments after the jump!

Thirty Seconds To Mars ruled the 2010 VMAs!

Seriously, does Jared Leto ever age!?

Now, let's step into our Thirty Seconds To Mars time machine! We're going allllll the way back to 2006 when the guys first started the band AND won their very first VMA in the "MTV2" category. Aka a time before technology existed to launch a single into outer space. (Sigh, the above photo of Jared reminds us that he hasn't aged ONE BIT. #Magical)

Next up, let's jet on over to 2010 when the guys took home their second VMA for "Best Rock Video." (P.S. Anyone else singing Barbara Streisand's "The Way We Were" while we ride around in our imaginary time machine?)

Finally, let's jump ahead to present day where the "Up In The Air" singers are nominated for THREE VMAs in "Best Art direction," "Best Rock Video," and "Best Cinematography"! And while we're sure the guys already have enough awards to spoon in bed ('cause that's what we'd do if we won one), we're pretty confident that they wouldn't mind adding a few more Kaws Moomen to their collection.

Also, all this reminiscing has a us thinking: We're gonna pitch a new VMA category! "Best Never-Aging Musician." Jared would rock that win EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

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