Does Justin Timberlake's Collabo With Juicy J Mean Justin's Getting Ratchet?

Listen to Juicy J and Justin Timberlake's new song "The Woods."

Juicy J and Justin Timberlake take you for a walk through "The Woods."

Just a coupla bros from Memphis getting together to make some jams! Juicy J and Justin Timberlake recently hooked up for "The Woods," a track off of Juicy's forthcoming Stay Trippy (out Aug. 27), which just begs the question: Does this mean Justin's getting ratchet??

We always kinda thought JT was more of the "play golf with his mama" type. But maybe there's a closeted freaky side to our dude? (FTR, we don't judge, and we obviously hope-hope-hope-hope-HOPE it's true.)

Listen to Juicy J's "The Woods" featuring Justin Timberlake after the jump.

Produced by Justin's main man Timbaland (le duh), "The Woods" features a laid-back, yet vaguely psychedelic track primed to carry the VMA perfomer's layered vocals on the hook. And here comes the freak show part! At the top of the track, JT sings about "The Woods" and their, errrmm, ability to make his lady love uninhibited: "When we go walking in the woods/ Nobody can hear us/ And you could be as freaky as you should/ I love you at your weirdest." #GETYOURS!

Juicy is up next, echoing the 2013 Michael Jackson Video Vanguard recipient's sentiment but infusing it with some PG-13 levels of hook-up realness: "Hey baby, let's fly away to a private place/ So far away, we get high and feel that we out of space/ She keep looking back at it, we keep grinding like jackrabbits." Moral of the story? When you've got SIX VMA nominations like JT, you can whatever you damn well please in the woods! Also: #OwnYourWeird.

+ Listen to Juicy J's "The Woods" featuring Justin Timberlake.

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