Star Spotting: Lady Gaga's Giving Us Some Serious Botticelli's 'Birth Of Venus' Envy! (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga looks like Botticelli's Birth Of Venus in NYC!

Lady Gaga looks like she crawled out of Botticelli's "Birth Of Venus" painting!

For those who didn't take Art History 101 (or didn't take meticulously detailed, color-coded notes like me), you may need a refresher course-style breakdown of all of the cultural references that Lady Gaga gives props to in her "Applause" video -- Sandro Botticelli's "The Birth Of Venus"  in particular. Because Gaga's mentioned how ARTPOP is all about art, music, and life melding into one, it only makes sense that she would take that Venusian realness to the streets.

Well, give her a round of A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E, 'cause she NAILED IT. Just look at that flowing hair and pondering look! The only thing she's missing is the clamshell-covered nakedness that she served us in the video! (UGH! Public decency laws put such a damper on art! Though she may just be wearing the bivalve-crafted bra underneath her top...)

Lady Gaga looks just like Botticelli's "Birth Of Venus" on the streets of New York.

Read more about Lady Gaga's art come to life and watch her VMA promo video after the jump.

Anyway, we are living for the Lady's Gagaloo Goddess-ness, who popped up recently in New York City. However, all of these artistic allusions she's been dropping now have us wondering which piece of cultural iconography she might work into her VMA-opening performance. Perhaps she'll come styled as the Italian Renaissance's first lady of coyness, Mona Lisa? OH!! Or maybe she'll show up as that crazy screaming guy who's all like, "AHHHHHHH"? (Maybe our notes weren't as meticulous as we thought.)

Just please gimme a heads-up if she shows up as that fire-breathing Mother Monster-meets-Mother Goose character! Totally avant-garde and amazing, duh, it's just that I got in a terrible feeding the geese-related accident when I was younger, and I'm #NotOverIt

+ Watch Lady Gaga's VMA promo video.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News