Lady Gaga Tweets Demi Stanship, Twitter Basically Explodes

 Lady Gaga reached across stan party lines and tweeted support for Demi Lovato!

Lady Gaga's a self-proclaimed Lovatic!

Last night, the unthinkable happened. A self-proclaimed Demi Lovato super fan crossed party lines, tweeting Lady Gaga an all-caps message of praise" "OMG I AM LOVATIC BUT NOW IM REALLY IN LOVE WITH YOU. EVEN I BOUGHT APPLAUSE ON ITUNES OMG U FLAWLESS." Side note: They have excellent taste in EVERYTHING.

Instead of leaving this Lovatic-identified kid at the mercy of the powers that be (trolling the LiveJournal comments section), Mother Monster did the even more unthinkable still and embraced the tweeter, going so far as to proclaim herself a Lovatic, too! In other news, you are correct; those are pigs flying outside your window.

Check out Demi's response to Gaga's tweet after the jump.

Responding to the stan without borders, the "Applause" singer tweeted: "@candelaTT greetings Lovatic. *take me to your leader. Her voice is be-au-ti-ful* (alien voice)." GAH! First, she and Katy Perry fostered a Twitter treaty between the Little Monsters and the Katy Cats, and now the Lovatics have signed on, too! CUTE.

But the madness didn't stop there. The "Made In The USA" singer even responded directly to the  adoring tweet, apparently stunned that another woman in her field like Lady Gaga would be so openly positive about a supposed "competitor's" talents.

Nothing's cuter than hearing Austin Mahone saying the word "muffin" in his McDonald's commercial, but seeing our favorite celebs suddenly turn into hysterical fans #JustLikeUs has gotta be a close second. You think that Demi and Gaga will hug it out on the VMAs red carpet pre-show this Sunday? (Demi's nominated for Best Female Video, and the Lady's opening the show with "Applause," FYI.) We may just have another Cutest VMA Couple on our hands...

Photo credit: Getty Images