Britney And Madonna's Infamous VMA Kiss: See What's Happened In The 10 Years Since They Locked Lips (INFOGRAPHIC)

Let's take a look back at the ten years since Britney Spears and Madonna's iconic VMA kiss!

SO MUCH has happened since Britney and Madonna locked lips in '03.

Wait, are you sitting? You betta be, because NEWS FLASH: Britney Spears and Madonna's iconic VMA kiss happened ten years ago! TEN! HOW? If I were "16 & Pregnant" in '03, my child would be nine-going-on-angsty by now -- that's how many years it's been! Like, think about it. If I have eight cupcakes, and then I push you down the stairs cuz you got two cupcakes, I'd have as many cupcakes as years it's been since Brit-Brit and Madge sucked face before an adoring crowd/uncomfortable Justin Timberlake.

Sorry, someone in the office just walked by with cupcakes, but the point STANDS! A lot has gone down for both the "All Eyes On Me" singer and the four-decade diva since their fated VMA makeout, not to mention for the world at large (jeggings, fro-yo, #YOLO, and OMG #HASHTAGS!). Being the pop-culture obsessives that we are, there's nothing we'd rather do than break down what has happened in the past decade, unit by unit -- said units being lady kisses and play-throughs of "4 Minutes," obvs.


Check out our Britney and Madonna VMA kiss breakdown after the jump.


As ardent observers of this holiest occasion, we whipped up the ultimate infographic that breaks down the moment from nearly every conceivable angle (or at least the ones worth breaking it down by, IMHO).


How do Britney and Madonna's subsequent careers stack up by the numbers? How many lady-on-lady lips have locked since that day? What is each diva's approximate Kaballah-to-babies ratio in the last 3,653 days? Let's find out.



Let's celebrate the ten year anniversary of Britney and Madonna's VMA kiss!

How does it all stack up? Click to enlarge.

All these VMA flashbacks have us all hyped up about what may happen at this year's VMAs. Obviously something will happen that'll be so big we'll tell our children about it: Baby North West twerks with Miley Cyrus! Harry Styles and Taylor Swift reconcile and get married on stage! Or no, what if One Direction went head-to-head with The Wanted in a good ole round of "Try To Eat This Ice Cream Out Of My Mouth, Lad!" Hmm, it could happen. Probably not, but... what if? #ReachForTheStars

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Photo credit: Getty Images, Chris McPherson/ GIFs: Jonathan Goldner