Relive One Direction's 'This Is Us' Preview With Some Shirtless Harry Styles GIFs + Watch An Interview With Director Morgan Spurlock Tonight On The VMA All Access Livestream!

We know how badly you've been waiting to watch One Direction's upcoming 3-D movie/documentary, "This Is Us." I mean, just looking at photos of One Direction's U.K. premiere alone has us in a state of SHOCK. (And it's not just because we've been partially blinded by Perrie Edwards' engagement ring. BECAUSE Zayn Malik is ENGAGED. TO BE MARRIED. WTF, LIFE!?!?!?)

So OK, let's everybody just calm down, take a deep breath, admit that we're all going out of our minds with "This Is Us" excitement, and settle for an exclusive clip of "This Is Us" before it hits theaters Aug. 30! Followed by some SHIRTLESS HARRY STYLES GIFS! Dance, shirtless Harry, dance!


Watch the rest of MTV's VMA All Access Livestream after the jump.

In the One Direction clip, taken from the Morgan Spurlock-directed documentary, Harry & Co. spend time in a rehearsal space, pretend to dance in said rehearsal space, and take a few time outs for boy-band confessionals. In between talking about how they're not in a TYPICAL boy band, because they're in a COOL, NON-DANCING boy band, all the guys get to shimmying and sashaying across the rehearsal space, and SOME guys (Harry) take their shirts off and dance some more!

OK, should we just shut our mouths and let you watch many, many GIFs of Harry dancing shirtless? Cool! But first, who wants to play a game called "count the tattoos on Harry's body"? Y'all in? Great! Now... GO! And get even MORE deets on "This Is Us" tonight including an interview with Morgan Spurlock tonight at 6 p.m. ET on the VMAs All Access Livestream!




Oh, that last of Niall's just for fun. We couldn't resist. You're welcome!

+ Check out the rest of MTV's VMA All Access Livestream featuring an interview with "This Is Us" director Morgan Spurlock.

Photo credit: MTV