Unlikely BFFs: The Weirdest Celebrity Pairings At The Video Music Awards (PHOTOS)

Mandy and Marilyn? J. Lo and Trump? It’s gonna get WEIRD.

So, the 2013 VMAs on Sunday? Yeah, we’re gonna try to keep pretty cool and composed this time, but believe us when we say that we’re internally screaming so loud that our lungs are deaf. (#NotHowOrgansWork) There’s just so much that goes down at every year’s show, from the cutest couples candoodling in the aisles to the crazy red carpet moments — oh, and let’s not forget those super weird celebrity pairings! SO MANY ODD COUPLES. Nothing brings people together quite like the Video Music Awards. It’s like an MTV superstar version of an extended-family Thanksgiving, only the role of “Your Aunt Who Gets Drunk And Gives Inappropes Toasts” is played by Ke$ha. LET’S EAT.

With all your famous faves sitting shoulder-to-shoulder, there are more “…Huh, so like WTF could you two possibly have to say to one another?!” moments than we can count. Seriously, how often do Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj exchange fashion tips? Why are Marilyn Manson and Mandy Moore posing like a prom couple? Do you think she’s missing him like candy?!?! Guh, it’s just that these unexpected VMA odd couples just intrigue, confuse, and LBR kinda arouse us all at once, and THAT’S A LOT TO HANDLE.

While we bubble over in creep-a-licious excitement over who’s gonna rub their famous, inter-genre elbows together this year, let’s take a look back at some of The Weirdest VMA Celebrity Pairings of all time! Odd couples? PAH, these pairs are so odd, they’re EVEN. (#NotHowThatWorksEither)

1.) MILEY CYRUS + TOKIO HOTEL, 2008: “Oh my god, Björk, I love your work!”

2.) LIL JON, HILLARY DUFF + JASON BIGGS, 2003: Hot off the heels of “Lizzie McGuire”’s success, Hills had her pick o’ the men in the entertainment industry. So, naturally, she set her hunk-seeking sights on… Jason Biggs and Lil Jon? YEAH-UH!

3.) NICKI MINAJ + BEYONCE, 2011: We bet Bey’s pretty glad she decided to leave her stuffed-animal whip, graffiti-style Hannibal Lecter face mask, and metallic tutu at home. Boy, would THAT have been embarrassing!

4.) MARILYN MANSON + MANDY MOORE, 2004: First reaction? WTF, lock up your daughters. Second reaction? Maybe Miss Mandy’s posin’ with the king of shock rock so that she could casually rest her arms near his rib cage — getting to the bottom of a certain urban legend. Very clever, Mandy. Very clever indeed.

5.) DEMI LOVATO + TYLER, THE CREATOR, 2011: What could possibly bring together one of pop’s rising princesses and Odd Future Wolf Gang’s oddest future wolf? Tie-dyed, cat-graphic, screen-print tees — sh-duhhhhh.

+PHOTO GALLERY: Check out THE WEIRDEST-EVER VMA CELEBRITY PAIRINGS, plus more odd VMA couples after the jump.

6.) LINDSAY LOHAN, KANYE WEST + KELLY CLARKSON, 2005: Hmmmm, we’re not sure what exactly LiLo, Yeezy, and Kelly “No Discernable Nickname” Clarkson could possibly have to discuss… except for a possible three-way musical collaboration!!!! OMG, if this exists, can somebody PLEASE give it an official release???? Thx.

7.) JENNIFER LOPEZ + DONALD TRUMP, 2002: Diva moment alert! Unf, we can hear J. Lo saying “I don’t see you peasant” from here. #BowDown

8.) MARTHA STEWART + BUSTA RHYMES, 1997: What if Busta and K-Mart’s reigning queen bonded over the best way to craft your D.I.Y winter solstice wreath, complete with ornamental birds? WHAT IF. Ugh, it’s a long shot, we know, but (wait for it) it’s a good thing.

9.) BRITNEY SPEARS + JENNIFER LOPEZ, 2001: NBD, just two flawless pop goddesses casually sprawling on their heavenly mount. Leave your offerings at the door, and GTFO, mortal.

10.) ALICIA KEYS + MUDVAYNE, 2001: You may be surprised to learn that none of the fashion and styling trends that Alicia Keys and Mudvayne display in this photo took off after the ’01 VMAs. Also: This pairing is really f*cking weird. PEACE!


Photo credit: MTV, Getty Images / GIF: ParouTudo