The VMA Giffie Awards For Nuttiest Moment And More 'Crazy Good' GIFs

Katy Perry and Rihanna win the first-ever Nuttiest Moment giffie award!

Congrats to #KatyAnna for winning the Giffie for Nuttiest Moment at the 2012 VMAs!

Since the idea of waiting a full three days until the 2013 Video Music Awards is literally too much to handle, we're gonna start the trophy-giving early by handing out the Nuttiest Moment Giffie Award!

The Giffies are an awards show within our awards shows hosted on MTV's Tumblr (look out for them on Sunday!) celebrating those rando, possibly missed moments that happen on the fly, and this particular digital Moonman honors those coupla seconds at the 2012 VMAs when we all just LOST IT. In our humble opinion (read: Don't you dare question us), nothing quite topped Rihanna and Katy Perry's total best friends forevaaaaa routine that they had going on -- that bro-down thigh-slapping in particular!

But while #KatyAnna may have taken today's top honor, there are plenty more Nuttiest Moments we'd be idiots not to mention. There's even a Giffie Award in it for you, if you're interested...

Check out the Nuttiest Moment honorable mentions, and find out how you could win the "Crazy Good" Giffie Award.

Just barely missing the Rihanna/Katy BFFAE bar, here are some other BEYOND moments from last year's VMAs that were just TOO GOOD not to honor! Give it up for Nicki Minaj, Rihanna (again!), and Zayn Malik of One Direction! Y'all are the Nuttiest.

Congrats, Nicki Minaj! You just one a VMA Giffie Award!

CONGRATULATIONS, NICKI! We never really got the appeal of those bobbly-headed figurines, ya know cuz #sports. But, if they'd been anywhere near as fierce as Nicki when she joined Alicia Keys onstage for "Girl On Fire," we'd be all up on them.

Congrats, Rihanna! You just won a VMA Giffie Award!

CONGRATULATIONS, RIHANNA! Well, congrats again, we should say. But back to the Nuttiest Moment runner-up at hand! This is, like, literally the wink that launched a thousand ships. #RihannaNavy

Congrats, Zayn Malik! You just won a VMA Giffie Award!

CONGRATULATIONS, ZAYN! Especially in the wake of the One Direction member's wedding announcement, we're gonna be treasuring this adorable lip-lick for years to come. #AudibleSigh Well, at least whenever life closes a Zayn, it opens up a Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall!

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GIF credit: James McCain