New Song: M.I.A., 'Unbreak My Mixtape'

Listen to M.I.A.'s super nineties throwback track "Unbreak My Mixtape" off of Matangi.

We'll unbreak M.I.A.'s mixtape, AND say we love her again.

It's official: M.I.A. is back, y'all. Now that she's finally gotten (i.e., shook down her label for) a release date for the long-awaited Matangi, she's wasting no time dropping "Unbreak My Heart," a way mellow follow-up to the album's lead single, "Bring The Noize." (P.S., if you haven't seen that video, WHY NOT? It combines black-lit raves and neon wigs with stuttered rap deliver and D.I.Y. dentistry -- these are a few of our faaaaavorite thiiiiings!)

But even though "Unbreak My Heart" is built on a sample of Blur's "Tender," its production has a definite "F*ck Tha Police"/N.W.A. feel to it, so ya know, NBD. Oh wait, nope. We're wrong. It's a BD. A VBD, guys.

Listen to M.I.A.'s "Unbreak My Mixtape" after the jump.

The obviously Toni Braxton-inspired ("Unbreak My Heart," anyone?) track tells of M.I.A. ending a far-gone relationship with mixtape peace treaty: "Here's a mixtape that I made, let's take a break/ Don't wanna fuss away, baby if it's too late/ While I get my life so it is a mixtape." Get your life? Toni's sister Tamar Braxton approves.

Right when that chorus ends, M.I.A.'s track suddenly expands, shifting from a contained sing-songy rhythm to a full-bodied melodic trance. Ugh, we so wish been big ole independent adults in the mid-nineties so we could've been grooving to this in the Downtown club scene. It's so easy to see this being a playlist staple of Parker Posey's character in "Party Girl." Like, hasn't "Unbreak My Mixtape" made you feel so serious about grad school?? Maybe it's just us.

+ Listen to M.I.A.'s "Unbreak My Mixtape."

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