New Video: Midnight Red, 'Take Me Home'

Watch Midnight Red's "Take Me Home" video

Midnight Red have the best outdoor rager in their "Take Me Home" video.

Midnight Red first taught us how to party in their "Hell Yeah" video, and now one of the Most Criminally Overlooked Bands Of 2012  is back, this time with the video for their high-octane pop tune "Take Me Home." And now that we've watched their "Take Me Home" video 10 a couple of times, we can officially confirm that the guys are full-on PROS at planning the perfect outdoor rager. Not only do they know to take the soiree outside, but they're raging right in the middle of the forest! It's like, tree stumps are JUST as comfortable to sit on as plush club banquettes, right?

Watch Midnight Red's "Take Me Home" video after the jump.

In the Matt Stawski-directed clip, Midnight Red toast the end of summer by grabbing a posse of friends and throwing one helluva outdoor party. First come water activities like tubing and swimming (because it's not really summer if nobody back-flips into a body of water). Then, after a quick siesta, Midnight Red and their troupe of bikini-clad ladies stage a well-curated outdoor dance party equipped with car headlights and music bumping out of car speakers. In fact, everything looks so fun, we're not even mad that the guys forgot to invite us!

Lastly, it wouldn't be a Midnight Red party if the guys didn't pause for a quick dance break while their lady friends watch in total awe. Ahhh, the perks of being in a sexy boy band. All in all, "Take Me Home" is like watching the perfect summer you WISH you had -- you know, like summer in the movies. No sunburn, excessive sweating, or Hamptons traffic.

+ Watch Midnight Red's "Take Me Home" video.

Photo credit: Capitol Records