Star Spotting: Just Looking At Lady Gaga's All-Leather Everything Outfit Is Making Us Chafe A Little (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga wears all leather in New York City, and we can't even imagine the chafing!

Is anyone else wondering how Lady Gaga can wear all-leather in the SUMMER?!

So, Lady Gaga, what's with the head-to-toe leather? It's not like you're gonna ride off into the sunset on your Mama Monster motorcycle -- you've gotta open the VMAs with "Applause" this Sunday! Ohhhh, maybe you're off to a VMA rehearsal like Miley Cyrus and her twerk team? Well, whatever Gaga's doing, she's definitely not running off for a full day of errands, especially not in New York City where it's, like, humid as eff RN. Can we just imagine the chafing for a second?? NOPE, STOP, NO MORE IMAGINING.

The singer paired the leather catsuit (and all that chafing #AudibleShudder) with a "Birth Of Venus"/Botticelli-esque hairdo. Hmmmm, is this new ARTPOP-era Gaga telling us that raw meat apparel is out and its tanned cowskin counterparts are in? (No word yet on the relevance of meat couches. We'll keep you posted). Well, it looks like Gaga's go-to butcher may be heartbroken over the decrease in business, but the meat industry's loss is the leather world's gain! Lady Gaga: Good for business! Especially the baby powder industry. The chafing... Oh horrors, the chafing...

Photo credit: Splash News