Austin Mahone Reaches 9th Circle Of Cuteness In His McDonald's Commercial (VIDEO)

Watch Austin Mahone's obscenely adorable McDonald's commerical!

We would never "leave you muffin," Austin. NEVER.

We've seen Austin Mahone look cute snatching Young Hollywood Awards. We've observed him being all cuddle-ready even when he's trying to look all buff 'n' stuff by lifting weights shirtless (it's like watching an incredibly jacked puppy roll around on a medicine ball, LBR). We've even witnessed the VMA pre-show performer adorb-lify his way out of an admittedly weak twerk game.

But nothing could prepare us for the obscene levels of cah-YOOT that Austin displays in his new McDonald's commercial. NOTHING.

Watch Austin Mahone's beyond adorbz McDonald's commercial after the jump.

Posted to the Mickey D's YouTube channel yesterday as "Studio Session With Austin Mahone," the commercial shows Austin repeatedly losing focus while recording "What About Love."

Distracted by his buds on the other side of the booth scarfing down Egg McMuffins, our Mahomie goes on to fumble the lyrics, "What about love?/ You bacon all, and leave me muffin." WE DIE. "Muffin" is just an adorable word, PERIOD, and hearing it drift out of our favorite Tiger Beat Monchichi's mouth is just TOO MUCH.

Also too much? Austin's "Ba-da-ba-ba-ba, I'm lovin' it!" at the end sounds just like the Justin Timberlake original "I'm lovin' it!" jingle from 2003. It's official, y'all, Austin Mahone is JT, Jr.! WE'RE CALLING IT.

+ Watch Austin Mahone's McDonald's commercial.

Photo credit: McDonald's

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