Video Premiere: Torch, 'Lord Knows'

Watch Torch's "Lord Knows" video.

Torch questions what success means in his "Lord Knows" video.

We'll just come right out and say it: The fact that Rick Ross signed Bronx-born rapper Torch to Maybach Music Group means we're definitely gonna listen to every single thing he releases. Simple as that. #TEFLONDONREALNESS. And the best part? Even though we're all about that Rick Ross cosign, after watching Torch's new video for "Lord Knows," we can happily confirm that he probably didn't need that cosign after all. (Even though, let's be honest, it totally doesn't hurt his street cred.)

Watch Torch's "Lord Knows" video after the jump.

Directed by J.R. Saint, Torch's "Lord Knows" will appear on his upcoming mixtape, No A/C Vol 2, dropping Aug. 27th. In the clip, Torch spends his time spitting rhymes  in front of a kitschy newspaper montage. Pages flip as Torch raps: "Definition of survivor/ Dodge indictments to death/ Wutchu know about starin' down the barrel of a 9?"

After a few outfit changes (our personal fave is the T-shirt look), the video takes a dark turn -- we're back to the newspaper montage, but this time we're zoomed in on close-ups of articles written about some of hip-hop's fallen stars (i.e. Lil Snupe). In all, "Lord Knows" is a #dark video in tone and theme, but still one that send an important message.

+ Watch Torch's "Lord Knows" video.

Photo credit: Maybach Music Group