The Craziest VMA Red Carpet Moments: Bieber’s Snake, Barely There Dresses + More! (PHOTOS)

Behold the craziest moments on the Video Music Awards red carpet… if you DARE!!

From Ariana Grande and Austin Mahone’s pre-show performances to NERVO’s mood-setting DJ set, we cannot WAIT for the VMA red carpet this Sunday. We know, we know, #SpoilerAlert of the century. Go to your room.

But you know what else we can’t wait for? The unexpected ish that always goes down before the stars take their seats. We’re talking questionable wardrobe choices, the cutest couples evaaaa posing together, live effing animals, diva moments dropping left-and-right, party yachts with Bruce Willis AND Naomi Campbell on ’em — those crazy-ass moments when you don’t exactly know how to feel, you just know that you’re feeling ALL OF THE FEELINGS.

The Wanted want you to make like Marky Mark, and FEEL IT! FEEL IT!

 Think you can handle The Craziest Video Music Awards Red Carpet Moments of all time? All right, cool. Let’s do this thing.

1.) LADY GAGA KISSES KERMIT GOODNIGHT, 2009: From rolling up to the red carpet with her main man from “The Muppets” to her blood-splattered “Paparazzi” performance, Lady Gaga’s weirdness truly knew no bounds that night. But LBR, how awkward must that limo ride have been, considering some of Gaga’s prior ’09 fashion choices

2.) MONKEY SAY, PETE WENTZ DO, 2006: The Fallout Boy frontman one-upped Lady Gaga by bringing an actual live animal on the VMA red carpet, making for one crazy moment. But honestly? We think it’s crazier that he didn’t ignite a one-man monkey flu breakout with that inter-species makeout sesh.

3.) MACY GRAY’S NOT-SO-SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES, 2001: So, yeah, Macy Gray’s subtle (with a capital “B”) dress advertising her forthcoming record release was pretty much shameless. But, like, #NotMad. In fact, we think we’ll start sartorially broadcasting our thoughts for efficiency’s sake. OMG, imagine how much time we’d save at Chipotle with our order plastered down our torso. Mmmmmmm, Chipotle…

4.) THE SUPER KAWAII SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, 2011: Nicki Minaj literally looks like Hannibal Lecter: Anime Edition. Man, she woulda made the coolest Pokémon Trading Card on the playground. Bet we coulda traded her for a holofoil Charizard and everything. #ReachForTheStars

5.) JUSTIN BIEBER WHIPS OUT HIS SNAKE, 2011: WHAAAAAAT? That’s literally what Justin did. He whipped out his snake.

+ PHOTO GALLERY: Check out THE CRAZIEST VMA RED CARPET MOMENTS, plus more pre-show insanity after the jump.

6.) MUDVAYNE DEMONSTRATE THE DANGER OF WEARING WHITE, 2002: The stains! You need a blood-stained white suit in your wardrobe like you need a hole in the head! #IsThisThingOn #IllShowMyselfOut

7.) 50 CENT’S FOXY LADY, 2003: Don’t get it twisted, we think 50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox are one of the cutest VMA couples evaaaaa. But seeing the A-list actress (who had already starred in classics like “Soul Food,” “Set It Off,” and “Independence Day” in her then-fifteen-year career) show up as the rap-game newcomer’s babely arm candy? In-sane. Obvs feelin’ it, though. DON’T U KNOW US?!

8.) CHRISTINA AGUILERA GETS “DIRRTY,” 2002: We’d seen hints of the newly dubbed Xtina’s sexier side in “Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)” and “Lady Marmalade,” but the ’02 VMAs marked her made-over self’s official debut — a Debutart Ball, if you will. Ugh, BRB. Gotta go watch our VHS-recorded copy of Christina’s “Diary” episode. #YouThinkYouKnow #ButYouHaveNoIdea

9.) ROSE MCGOWAN DOES THE IMPOSSIBLE, 1998: The ’90s scream queen actually managed to steal the focus AWAY from her then-boyfriend, Marilyn Manson. Oh, yeah, and she was, like, wearing what one might call a “dress,” if one defines dress as: “thing that is touching me.”

10.) “COURTNEY LOVE IS IN DIRE NEED OF ATTENTION RIGHT NOW,” 1995: This also made our Best-Ever VMA Diva Moments yesterday, but it’s too ah-mazing not to include again! Basically, Kurt Loder was interviewing Madonna up at the MTV News podium, and the Hole frontwoman threw her MAC compact/everything in her purse at ’em until they pulled her up.

The only way this crazy red carpet moment could’ve been better, would be if Love had sung “Celebrity Skin,” switching the lyrics to, “BUMP BUMP, BUMP BUMP, BUMP BUMP. O HAY, KURT LO-DERRR.”


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