Cher Keeps Newsprint Alive By Wearing A Wig Made Of Newspaper In Her New 'Woman's World' Video

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It's an old media woman's world in Cher's new video.

With the influx of free content readily available online, print media hasn't exactly had an easy time. And apparently nobody's more upset by print's decline than Cher, who uses her new "Woman's World" video to demonstrate one of the newspaper's lesser known functions: Once shredded, it doubles as a wig! And the hairpiece featured in this clip has gotta be made of a couple thousand papers, so hey! That kind of money will definitely keep the newsprint industry afloat for a while.

Watch Cher's "Woman's World" video after the jump.

OK, OK, if you want to be SUPER LITERAL with the lyrics, Cher's song is technically more about empowering human women the world over, and not The Grey Lady and her ilk. The six-decade diva drives home the anthem's themes by transforming into a variety of different women, kind of like that morph scene in Michael Jackson's "Black Or White" -- only with more split-screens and less Tyra Banks.

But come on, lyrics like "Torn up, busted, taken apart/ I been broken down with a broken heart/ But I'm stronger, strong enough to rise above" TOTALLY speak to old media's current predicament. And who better to champion the cause than Cher, a world-famous superstar and VMA Diva Moment-haver who has demonstrated an ingenious proficiency for media of all kinds?

So c'mon, newsprint, you can totally get out of this mess. Just pick yourself up by them bootstraps, sit on u own damn face, and you'll be living in a brighter tomorrow in no time.

+ Watch Cher's "Woman's World" video.Photo credit: Warner Bros.