Video Premiere: Flume Featuring Moon Holiday, 'Insane'

Watch the video premiere of Flume and Moon Holiday's "Insane."

Flume goes full sci-fi in the Moon Holiday-featuring "Insane" video.

Flume is not kidding around with his new video -- "Insane" is completely cray cray. The Australian producer's latest track featuring fellow Aussie Moon Holiday is a shimmering, slow-building club banger (think Goldroom in a funhouse, emphasis on the "house") that takes its visuals on a one-way trip straight to sci-fi madness.

Watch Flume's "Insane" video after the jump.

Drawing on films like "Drive" and "2001: A Space Odyssey" (not to mention a whole lotta badass, dystopian '80s anime like "Akira"), the video follows a leather-clad goth biker on the trail of a brilliant light beaming from the sky. It leads her to a spooky cloaked figure, played by Moon Holiday's Alex Ward, who directs her to touch a glistening mystery machine, but not before warning that: "The only risk is that you'll go insane." ... Worth it!

It's not long until our heroine is back on the road, driving through a Kubrick-esque warp tunnel before disappearing into the night. Ward's vocals bring a softening presence on the claustrophobic track, offering a lovely reading of lines such as "You don't even have to be brave" as the beat turns dizzying.

Keep calm and carry on, you guys, and catch Flume on his North American tour this summer. Dude is kicking things off in San Francisco this week and heading to the East Coast in September, presumably on a glowing motorcycle.

+ Watch Flume's "Insane" video featuring Moon Holiday.

Photo credit: Katie Kaars