Star Spotting: Rihanna Went Outside Wearing A Bra As A Shirt, So Basically... Rihanna Went Outside? (PHOTO)

Rihanna wears a bra out in public. Sexy as always!

As if Ri's got time for a shirt. She has important errands to run!

We're kinda surprised by how jaded we are to seeing Rihanna without a proper shirt on. Like, it just adds to her IDGAF world domination tally! (And would be a super smart way to promote her River Life brand. Think about it, Ri!) Mostly though, we applaud RiRi for figuring out an easy way to do less laundry -- wear less clothes, obvs! (Um, can we all just LOLOLOLOL at the thought of Rihanna doing her OWN laundry. Yeah, riiight.)

In the photo, the casual boat-twerker is seen leaving a New York City brunch to go run some errands. (Maybe she just threw a jacket over what she slept in for her brunch attire? Been there.) Um, but can we talk about what Rihanna's errands could entail? While our to-do list involves picking up kitty litter, hers is probably "1.) Stop traffic with my flawlessness" and "2.) Shop for more see-through outfits." Maybe today's big assignment was finding the perfect grill to wear to the VMAs this weekend! Everyone knows (everyone being Rihanna) that you can't just show up with some previously flaunted diamond grill mouthpiece when you're nominated for a Moonman -- that's just plain tacky.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News