Avril Lavigne's 'Rock N Roll' Video: Kissing Winnie Cooper, Fighting BearSharks, Giving Zero Effs (NSFW)

Watch Avril Lavigne and Winnie Cooper/Danica McKellar in the new "Rock N Roll" video.

Avril Lavigne gets by with a little help from her friends in "Rock N Roll."

Joan Jett once said "I don't give a damn 'bout my reputation," a phrase which Avril Lavigne seems to have taken to heart in her brand-new "Rock N Roll" video, which is, it should be noted, demonstrative of Avril's razor-sharp comedy chops (paging Judd Apatow -- CAST THIS WOMAN) and her complete willingness to kiss a girl. Avril's new video also demonstrates that she may have spent the last few months playing LOTS of army-themed video games and watching "Sharknado," "Thelma & Louise," and "The Wonder Years" on repeat. Do we sound a little all over the place? Well, so is "Rock N Roll," but who cares? It's camo-clad Avril making out with Winnie Cooper and fighting BearSharks! AMERICA! CANADA! HUZZAH!


Watch Avril Lavigne's "Rock N Roll" video after the jump.

Directed by the ever-excellent Chris Marrs Piliero, "Rock N Roll," from Avril's upcoming self-titled album, can't exactly be summed up in mere words -- it's kind of like a bizarre cross between "The Breakfast Club" (see when Avril fist-pumps her guitar at the end à la Judd Nelson), "Bonnie And Clyde," "Private Benjamin," and "Full Metal Jacket," all filtered through the pages of a campy old-school comic book.

Avril spends most of the clip in a punk-studded camo outfit (bustier and all), and she's accompanied by none other than Danica McKellar, a k a Winnie Cooper from "The Wonder Years." (Whaaaaaaa?!!) Winnie's conveniently also decked out in fatigues, so together our leading ladies look like a danger-zone, tough-gal tag team on a mission to save the song's titular genre.

Right, but then ish REALLY goes down. Our pop-punk heroine fights a series of evil characters, including, but not limited to, a Gogo Yubari-looking chick, a "Star Wars" Greedo-esque masked man, a bear with a shark for a head (the dreaded BearShark!), and even Cal Hockley from "Titantic" -- er, sorry, we mean Billy Zane.

Later, Avril's dog (who may or may not have a problem with alcohol) meets an untimely end in a car accident, which would be incredibly #sadz if not for the fact that Avril and Winnie share a romantic kiss in the wake of tragedy. Wait, *record scratch* -- Avril kisses Winnie Cooper?! Does Fred Savage know about this?? Also, for the record, we'd go there if we could, too! Hear that, Avril? WE'D GO THERE.

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Photo credit: @AvrilLavigne / GIF: Charles Goetz