The Only Thing Missing From Lady Gaga's VMA Promo Video Is The Lady Herself! (VIDEO)

Watch Lady Gaga's VMA promo video.

Little Monsters take over Brooklyn in Lady Gaga's VMA promo video.

You know what? There is approximately nothing wrong with Lady Gaga's week. I mean, would you have anything to complain about after releasing a majorly anticipated "Applause" video and telling the world that you're gonna open the 2013 MTV VMAs? Yeah, that's all what we like to call "bragging rights." And now, in her brand-new VMA promo, you'd think our Lady of Eternal Prosthetics would be out there on the streets wreaking havoc, painting "No Sleep" on stuff, and wearing white masks with her Little Monsters. Except, er, she's not. Gaga, where you at?


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Despite her crazed crew of mask-wearing super-Stans who look plenty determined to plaster Gaga's face all over every inch of free NYC brick wall space, the only thing missing from Gaga's promo video is the Lady herself! Where is she? Did she transmogrify into a fire-breathing goose again? Is she at one of many ARTPOP promotion parties that we'll never be invited to? UGH, of all the... Never mind. We are not gonna be insulted! She's probably just doing that reverse-psychology "Lady Gaga Is Not Famous" mind-meld again! OK, Gaga, we know you can't come to the phone right now, but we'll see you this Sunday night, right? RIGHT?!!

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Photo credit: MTV / GIF: Fanpop