Beyonce Looks FLAWLESS On A Roller Coaster, Which We Used To Think Was Next To Impossible (PHOTOS)

Beyonce still looks flawless on a roller coaster.

Beyonce on a roller coaster  -- still gorgeous. 

Now here's a way to savor the end of summer: While on a break from her V Festival duties, Beyoncé the Goddess took some time out to ride a roller coaster, take gorgeous photos on said coaster, then post them alllll over Tumblr.

And before I start talking about how effing flawless Bey looks, I have something to admit: I've never ridden a roller coaster. I get borderline pukey on a water slide and actually pukey on the kiddie teacup ride, so I figure my life might literally end on a roller coaster. Then again, if someone told me I'd get to sit next to Beyoncé on a roller coaster, I might consider it, because, let's be real -- WOULD YOU NOT DIE if you got to sit next to Beyoncé on a dirty park bench, let alone an amusement park ride?

Read more about Beyoncé's roller coaster adventures after the jump.Anyway, here's the thing: Isn't everyone supposed to look horrible on a roller coaster? Aside from those harness things NOT cutting anyone in a flattering location (#thinkaboutit), you're literally on a machine designed to make you feel like you're plummeting to your death while also regurgitating your lunch! Yet somehow, during her most recent roller coaster experience, the Best Video With A Social Message nominee still managed to look flawless.

Oh, and speaking of stunning photos you'll probably refer to for inspiration, we'd like to direct you to yet another image that Bey recently posted on her blog. Because just when you think you've found the most gorgeous photo of Beyoncé ever, she somehow wakes up even more beautiful, because life is unfair. Last thing: who has skin that literally radiates like that? Like, straight glow-stick necklace levels of glow-age right here.

Beyonce looking flawless, per usual.

Photo credit: Beyonce's tumblr

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