Star Spotting: Harry Styles Was A Popcorn-Throwing Prankster At One Direction's 'This Is Us' Press Event (PHOTOS)

Harry Styles goofs around at One Direction's "This Is Us" press conference event.

We don't care if you're JK-ing, Harry. NEVER joke about wasting junk food.

Here's the thing: When One Direction's Harry Styles pretends to pelt people with popcorn at a press conference, we're like, #PutARingOnIt. But if yer average bro was doing it, we'd be like, "CHILL OUT WITH YOUR CRAY, DUDE!" See? That's the power of boy-bandery! You can show up to promote your 3-D movie, "This Is Us," act a fool, and ain't nobody gonna get mad because LOOK AT HIM (and his bicep). NGL, though, we are slightly peeved that Harry's breaking one very serious rule of ours: NEVER WASTE JUNK FOOD. (Don't even joke about it.)

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Harry Styles goofs around at One Direction's "This Is Us" press conference event.

This is Harry's take on being serious at work events.

Just imagine how overwhelming it must be for the VMA presenter and nominee for Best Song Of The Summer to know that no matter where he goes, everyone around him will be completely bewildered by his sensual swagger. Getting silly's probably the best way to relieve that sexual tension, and peeking through a clapperboard totally did the trick -- at least for us. For a second, we totally forgot that Harry is a British GQ covermodel and LOLOLOLOL-ed to ourselves. Then, we came to our senses and stopped laughing because covering up such a perfect face is actually not funny at all. Harry, NEVER COVER YOUR FACE AGAIN. (Don't even joke about it.)

Photo credit: WENN