Lady Gaga's Getting Ready For Her VMA Rehearsal, Which Could Mean, Well, Anything (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga gets ready for her VMA rehearsal.

Gaga warms up for her VMA opening set. Is she teasing performance details? Is something a-FOOT?!

Lady Gaga is resting on approximately ZERO laurels in the wake of releasing her "Applause" music video and jumping straight into rehearsals for her 2013 MTV Video Music Awards performance. (Her set's opening the show, so it's gotta be tight!) In fact, we're having, like, the hardest time picturing Mother Monster doing anything even resembling laurel-resting. Resting on crystals while practicing the Marina Abramovic method? Yes. Resting a hand precariously high on her backup dancer's thigh? Duh, look up. But laurels?! Why... WE NEVER.

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Gaga posted the above VMA rehearsal photo to her Facebook with the caption: "See you at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 25th #VMARehearsal? #Applause." Hmmmm, we wonder if this visual's supposed to clue us into what we can expect on Sunday, Aug. 25? Unlike the "Applause" video, we don't see a whole lot of "Little Edie/'Grey Gardens' fantasy" or drag queen realness in this shot, but we do see a whole lotta flexible foot action going on. What, is Lady Gaga gonna deconstruct the very concept of "putting your hands together" by applauding with her FEET?! Well... wait, actually, we could totally see that. She should totally do that.*

* This is why we are not professional choreographers.

Lady Gaga preps for the 2013 VMAs with a little help from the Kaws-redesigned Moonman.

Lady Gaga lives for the "Applause," Little Monster paws, and Moonmen redesigned by Kaws.

Guess we're just gonna have to put a pin in the "What's she gonna do?!" freak-out, and sit tight until Sunday, Aug. 25 arrives. BTW, you know what's super unhelpful when you're patiently waiting for the VMAs? When MTV posts a photo of Gaga holding one of the Kaws Moonmen on its official Instagram handle! The pin is officially OUT of the freak-out. BWARRRRGH!!!!

+ Watch Lady Gaga's "Applause" video.

Photo credit: Lady Gaga's Facebook, MTV's Instagram