Give Lady Gaga’s Video Another Round Of ‘Applause’… In GIFS!

Right up until Lady Gaga released the music video for “Applause” this morning, we honestly had NO clue what to expect. Would the clip be stripped down to match her revamped aesthetic, or just plain ol’ stripped like her Marina Abramovic Method video? (And V Magazine covers and ARTPOP promo photos…) What about drag queens? Prosthetic arm-wielding welders?? What, Gaga, WHAT?!?!

Not to speak the obvious, but LADY GAGA HAS DELIVERED. The Inez & Vinoodh-directed clip is a non-stop feast for the eyes featuring everything from hand-painted animation to a fire-breathing Gaga goose — with plenty of ’Grey Gardens’ visuals peppered in between. To make sure that we fully appreciate every single set-up frame-by-frame, here’s an “Applause” GIF wall! (#AudibleGasp) Now, don’t stop staring until at least 87 people have popped over to ask if you’re OK. Aaaaaaaaand GO!

Check out more GIFs from Lady Gaga’s “Applause” video after the jump.


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